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What Not To Wear On Your Job Interview

Interviews are scary enough as it is. There's a lot of thought that I'm sure is already running around in your head before this interview even happens! Sometimes, however, the main important part of your interview gets forgotten…your clothes! Here are the top five clothing items you should NOT wear on your interview.

Oh interviews, the stepping stones of your future. The means of money. The reasons we shop. Always before you are hired for a job an interview has to happen, obviously, right? Well for some individuals the interviewing process is easy. They already have their outfits picked out, their shoes to match, and their favorite lucky watch to add that extra something the look needs. However, there are some individuals that just need that extra push in figuring out what to wear on an interview and what not to wear on their interview.



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yoga pants

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Ladies, believe me I absolutely get it. I know how comfortable these items are and I understand never ever wanting to leave them but for your first time in a new establishment be a little bit more professional. I know some people think that it’s possible to dress up yoga pants and unfortunately it’s just such a lie, who ever started that rumor should be detained in a room and forced to sleep in a mohair sweater for two weeks.

2. Open back dresses and dresses with designs.

design dress

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open back

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I’m not saying these dresses aren’t adorable. Yet, what I am saying is that they aren’t interview material. The strapless and design-like dresses are far more casual than they are formal and the open back dresses are totally beyond inappropriate in this setting than it is professional. Stick to these dresses when you’re hanging out with friends or running errands as opposed to going on your job interview.

3. Spaghetti Straps


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Totally not okay! While you can walk around town in just a spaghetti strap, jeans, and sneakers/heels, you can not walk into an interview looking like you really did just come in off the street. Being absolutely honest, if you were to walk in to a professional environment with just the spaghetti strap top and absolutely NOTHING to cover it, it just looks like you didn’t put in any effort into looking at least a little professional for this position. Why does this matter? Well, first impressions are everything. If you look like you didn’t care enough ‘look the part,’ within this professional atmosphere that could lead to your boss projecting the outcome of how you’ll be in the future of this company and I don’t think they see any promotions.

4. Sheer Tops With NOTHING Underneath.

see through

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Why, why, why, why? WHY do girls do this in the first place? Is it that difficult to throw a spaghetti strap underneath this? Are you joking? I get it that you’re very proud of your brand new Demi bra from Victoria’s Secret but come on! PLEASE, for all that is good and on sale, do NOT do this on your interview! I’m not even going to explain why because if you don’t know why…it just means you’re guilty of this.

5. That Adorable Slut Skirt You Only Wear To Parties, You Know Which One I’m Talking About.


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We all have that one skirt that we’re going to be buried in. We also have that one skirt that is so slutty even your ex from three years ago still has wet dreams about it. That skirt, right there can NOT be worn to this interview! Hi, if you get the job here you actually have to work with these people. Don’t let them hire you for your ‘legs for days.’ No matter how many outfit choices you think you can make this skirt work with…just don’t please don’t. It’s very unprofessional and not at all formal.

So, the next time you have an interview and you’re not exactly sure what to wear STAY AWAY from this phrase; less is more! Just think; do I want to be remembered as someone who made sure they were professional, formal, and cute from head to toe or someone who walked in with spaghetti straps and flip flops. So, do you have any interviews coming up? Have you ever worn any of the above items on your interviews? What are some outfit ideas you have in mind? Are you unsure about what to wear? Leave a comment below and be sure to read my other article; What To Wear On Your Interview.

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By: The Young Shopaholic



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