What To Wear On Your Job Interview

For those of you who are stuck on deciding the perfect outfit for your job interview thanks to my last article, I’m here to help! What you want to do is you want to go for the outfit that screams I’m here to get this position and you will remember my name. There are a few different angles that you can take this professional/business-wear approach to. For example, maybe the job you’re after is a bit more laid back, so you take the casual business look, or your job is very corporate so you throw on a pants-suit. You can always get a feel for these positions once you’re on the phone with you ‘possible future boss.’ Here are a few looks to get yourself ready to take on this interview!

  1. You Can Never Go Wrong With A Button Down Shirt

button down

Photo Credit To Walmart.com

This basic button down is the key to your outfit! Why, you might ask? You can always dress up a simple button down shirt. For example, whether it’s with jewelry, a blazer (my personal favorite), or a cute pair of heels to match. A button-down shirt is so simple and so classic, you just can’t go wrong with it.

2. Blazers


Photo Credit To Asos.com

Pic 1 blazer

I could go on forever about blazers. I honestly think they are one of my favorite fashion accessories for clothing. They just add that extra something to every outfit you could possibly think of! The blazer can be many things, such as; very professional OR very casual. It just depends on how you use it.

3. Dress Pants


Photo Credit To Sierratradingpost.com


Photo Credit To Newyorkandcompany.com

The dress pants are key to any business look…plus they make your butt look awesome. These pants scream I look great and I’m ready to tackle anything you throw at me. They create such a professional atmosphere and they are definitely what you need to complete your wardrobe!

4. Going For The Kill, A ‘Business’ Dress


Photo Credit To Pinterest.com

Perhaps you’re the type of girl who just isn’t into the whole corporate girl America look and want something that can be a little fun and edgy (not that the other options weren’t). Maybe you’re thinking I love skirts and dresses, screw pants! And hey, I’m totally with you, which is exactly why every retail store creates dresses for every occasion! The ‘business’ dress is sometimes very plain so look at it like a blank canvas! You can dress it up with either a belt around the waist, some dangly necklaces, bracelets, or a beautiful watch! This outfit is a force to be reckoned with.

5. The Lorelai Gilmore Look; The ‘Business’ Skirt.

business sk

Photo Credit To Aliexpress.com


Photo Credit To Pinterest.com

Whenever I think of this look I think of my favorite show, ever, Gilmore Girls. I think back to Lorelai Gilmore, season one, when she was managing the Independence Inn. She had such a fun, sassy, business-y, professional look to her that I just admired. This skirt can be worn with a cute blouse/button down top as well as a blazer. This skirt will show of those legs you love without revealing everything that you have in the bank.

These are just a tiny portion of a million other options for your job interview! So don’t stress! Just remember to think professional and constantly ask yourself, ‘would I hire me?’ If the answer’s yes you either did a really great job or you would hire yourself no matter what…and I’m all for that! Are your outfit troubles gone? Are you still stuck between outfits? Is there another look you’re trying to go for but just don’t know how or are having problems doing it? Leave a comment below with any questions you may have, I’m here to help!

Cover Photo Credit To Genius.com



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