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Growing up I always thought it was a bad thing to have grey hair. Adults over a certain age absolutely hate it and they are constantly trying to dye it back to their natural color every few weeks to every few months. So, why is it that girls who are at least eighteen or older are trying to so hair to dye their hair grey? HELLO! It’s a new millennials! The twenty-first century if you would! Women as well as men today want to try something new! So, have you itching to change your hair color but don’t know what hair color to change it to? Check out these trending hair colors!

  1. Grey

This trending hair color truly had such an impact on us girls! Everywhere you look I feel like at least one in five girls has either had this hair color before or still has it done now! In my opinion, grey hair color whether you’re over sixty or even younger should be embraced so in a sense I see this trending hair color as a motivational movement for women everywhere.


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2. Blue


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Photo Credit To Leslie Guerra ( follow her on Instagram for awesome hair and make up looks! @ldg_x23)

This vibrant blue has clearly made it’s way into the limelight! Thanks to the help of the advances in hair dye, this blue actually stays for months on end! This color is very fun, edgy, and can be used creatively towards any hairstyle!

3. Pink


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Aside from this being a hot commodity around breast cancer awareness month, pink hair has really been a trending hair-do for awhile now! Pink is very girly and fun, so it’s perfect for self expression and just updating your look, period.

4. White


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Screw platinum blonde! White hair is where it’s at! This bold look is taking a toll on girl world as well as boy world actually (need I remind you of Zenon our dear friend Prota-zoa). What has really been a pair with white hair has been girls filling their eyebrows in darker in order to enhance their features. This is a very sexy as well as edgy look that is definitely work the try!

5. Lavender


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No not violet, lavender! This exotic hair color that become a hit trend thanks to the beautiful Kelly Osbourne has taken our nation by storm! This hair color looks good on almost anybody! It definitely will not disappoint!

Fashion, like hair, is always changing. One day brown hair will be in and then the next day, green. These are the top trending hairstyles for right now, who knows what could happen in the next few months. What hair colors do you want to try next? Did you get any inspiration from these looks? Do you think natural hair color is better than these trending colors? Leave your opinion in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

By: The Young Shopaholic

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