What You’ll Need On The First Day Of Classes

Are you an incoming freshman in college? Are you not sure what exactly to bring with you on the first day? Need some advice? Look no further! Check out this article: What You'll Need On The First Day Of Classes!

Like I’ve said before, fall is right around the corner and although most kids have already gone back to school, there are some students (like myself) who start classes again in September. If you’re an incoming freshman you’re probably thinking, I need to bring everything with me! I should bring my textbooks, a package of pens and pencils, etc. Well, don’t go packing like you’re going traveling with Dora! Check out my list of what you’ll need to bring with you.

  1. One Five Subject Notebook


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It’s the first day of school! I know a lot of students think it’s going to be crazy, hectic, and a lot of work! Wrong! The first day is usually a day full of ‘ice breakers’ as well as a break down of the class itself. Don’t get me wrong, some professors will start the year right away with notes and lectures however no professor really expects you to have the textbook right away. Don’t stress. It’s usually rare that you even have to bring the textbook with you to class…ever.

  1. Coffee


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You need to stay energized! I know at my school we have a Starbucks practically everywhere you turn! So definitely load up on the caffeine and get ready for a long day full of headaches!

  1. Six pens and one pencil


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Come on, who really uses pencils anymore unless it’s for a test? What you really need is six pens! Why six? One pen will be your main go-to pen, another pen will be your back-up pen just incase you lose the first one, and the remaining four pens are for you to make friends. I know it’s almost impossible to believe (not really unfortunately), but at least four kids in every one of your classes will not have a writing utensil. How? I don’t know! But just trust me when I say this, have pens handy!

  1. A School Map! Get there early for parking spots


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For starters, I’m telling you this from experience…if your class starts at ten, get up by eight for the first month to get there by nine or nine-thirty. I know that sounds crazy, but you’re going to be glad you listened to me once you do this! Almost every other incoming freshman in this school is going to think, this is just like high school, I’m going to get there ten minutes before school starts, I’ll have plenty of time to find a parking spot! WRONG! SO, SO WRONG! There are no designated parking spots like in high school! You will be circling parking lots, stalking other students who are leaving to take their spots, and worst of all, you will be late! So get there early! Now, what will absolutely be your lifeline is a tiny school map! I know I still have my map from freshman year because they inserted one in the back of the student handbook and honestly, it’s still a go-to map when all else fails! Your classes are going to be scattered around campus I can guarantee you that! You’ll be lucky if you have two classes in the same building! So, make sure you have a good parking spot around the main area of the buildings your classes are in so it’s less of a hassle to get to. And remember, it’s the first day, and you’re new, just relax.

  1. Ladies, Comfy Shoes!


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You have a long day ahead of you girls! A lot of getting lost and a lot of moving around from class to class so be prepared! A pair of adorable sneakers or your comfiest pair of flats should do the trick! Be fashionable yet comfortable, again, it is only the first day. You will have plenty of other days to show off your wicked style!

  1. Patience


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Not only is it your first day of school but depending on what type of school you’re going to whether it’s a two-year community college or a four year university, either half of the school, or one-third of the school will more than likely be a freshman. Everyone there is going to be walking around the halls not even looking straight ahead because they’re too busy looking for a room number! The halls will also be packed with students so just breathe and keep it moving! Be patient and smile.

The first day of classes is going to be rough so don’t let it stress you out more than what I’m sure it already is. Everyone has had there first days and I’m sure everyone has at least over-packed, under-packed, gotten lost, and been late before! Don’t over-think things and don’t you let any doubt enter your head about school! This is only the beginning of an amazing journey and it will get easier! Has this list of supplies and advice helped you at all? Is there anything else you might be nervous about? To my returning students, are there any supplies that I’m missing? Leave a comment below!

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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