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What To Look For In A Relationship

Every relationship is different. We are all looking to find that special someone to bond with forever! So take a look at this tiny list of What To Look For In A Relationship! Also check out our Instagram @the_young_shopaholic

Every relationship is different. They all have their different set of quirks, different set of personalities, and different stories of how each relationship formed. I know a lot of guys and girls are looking to find their ‘number one,’ already and just be done with it so to help I have compiled a tiny top 3 list of What To Look For In A Relationship.

  1. Comedy


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For starters, what is a relationship without a little comedy? You need to find that partner who is going to make you laugh no matter what. Where it’s inside jokes, corny jokes, or just something you both find absolutely hilarious. It’s needed in a relationship. What happy couple just stares at each other and pretends to laugh and each other’s jokes and is ‘happy’? No couple that’s who. Be happy and stay laughing.

  1. Attraction

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You need to be attracted to each other. Do you want to wakeup every morning comparing your significant other to everyone else’s? NO! If you find yourself comparing their looks to other individuals looks than the relationship will never last. Be with someone who you always find sexy whether they’ve come home grungy from work without a shower (yet you still want to jump their bones anyways), all dressed up to go out somewhere nice, or naked. This will keep the passion lasting throughout your relationship and you will always, always be satisfied whether you are sexually active or not.

  1. You NEED To Feel Loved!

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You need to feel loved twenty-four/seven, three-sixty-five. Be with somebody who always goes out of his or her way to tell you that you are beautiful. Whether it’s a random phone call, text, or a sticky note on your car, you need to feel loved. However, you also need to reciprocate the gestures as well on your end. Whether it’s sending a text or making a phone call just to say ‘I love you,’ everything needs to be equal. You both need to feel wanted and loved in the best way you both possibly can. Some suggestions to the boys reading this; buy him/her flowers whether they’re from the florist or a gas station, he/she won’t care! It’s the thought that counts. Girls, cook dinner or even buy dinner once in awhile! They break the bank for you sometimes so do the same thing back. Now to both sexes, if you are out somewhere window-shopping and you hear your significant other say ‘oh wow, that’s cool, I really want that,’ but they don’t buy it OR if they say something like ‘I need a new wallet,’ whether they are hinting it to you or not, pay attention to it and remember it! It makes a great surprise for a later gift or a kind gesture!

I know, relationships are hard. When you start over it’s like moving to a brand new country where you don’t know the language. Everything is different. Also, everyone is different so you can’t judge someone based on past relationships. You need to have fun with it and remember a relationship isn’t everything! They’re great don’t get me wrong, but you don’t need to settle right now. Things change and unfortunately sometimes, relationships don’t always workout. But, you can’t regret anything especially if you did love the person at one point in time. So, what did you think of this list? Was it at all helpful to you? Do you think this will help you in finding your next one? Let us know in the comments below! Also follow us on Instagram for some funny posts, outfit ideas, and updates, @the_young_shopaholic.

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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