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Hello September and hello Fall! Stuck on what to wear for the upcoming season? Look no further! Check out this quick pick-me up on what to wear to spruce up your Fall Style!

Hello September, welcome back! Yes, Fall is officially peeking it’s head around slowly but surely so I guess it’s time we talk about something important…Fall Fashion of course! This Fall ladies and gentlemen, let’s be daring, flirty, and yet casual! Take a look at these small suggestions for making your Fall season, a stylish season!

  1. Skinny Jeans, Adorable Tees, And Boots Above The Knees!


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Why do the same old Fall style with hoodies and sneakers? Don’t get me wrong, those items are a classic but they’re so BORING! You need to spice things up a bit this year! Try wearing the classic t-shirt that’s fitted yet a little loose to add that fun and flirty edge to it! You also need to show off those curves you were blessed with by wearing skinny jeans! The top trending color as well as style in jeans this year is light colored and ripped! This style adds that edgy flare that you’re going for while still keeping that fun look you started with! Finally, you will need to add those amazing boots above the knees! Whether they’re black, brown, base, raisin, or any other Fall color you can think of, these boots look FANTASTIC on any pair of legs! These boots show off the sexy side in everybody, especially if they even have a little bit of a high heel to them!

2. Jewelry


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This year calls for gold, gold, and more gold! The top trending shade of gold has recently been the ever-so-fabulous rose gold! Yellow gold has become almost tacky and too ‘in your face,’ while rose gold has the calm and easy-to-match, metallic shade to it! You can use the rose gold in dressing up your arms with bracelets, watches, and even some layered necklaces! This will add that extra something to your outfit, for sure!

3. Makeup Is A Must!


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Dare to be daring? Play around with some bold colors this Fall until you find your signature shade! Last year, I played around with my favorite raisin color and soon realized it looked so amazing and really brought out the edgy side in my style! This year I discovered the color grey and I am obsessed! I am definitely, personally ready to expand my horizons and try other bold choices like blue or purple! You should try doing the same thing! Aside from your lips, you need to make sure your eyes are just as daring and fierce as the rest of your look! You need to be sure to have your eyes maintain a small highlight within the corners, followed by a sexy smokey eye with a combination of grey’s, brown’s, or even some pinks! What would also be a great addition is to just do a plain old cat-eye! It’s just bold and sexy enough to do bad (bad meaning good) all on its own!

These few tips will make for a great new Fall Style for yourself! Why wear the same old boring Fall classics like a plain old hoodie? Dress it up and make a style all your own! The time is now for you to make a statement so why wait? School is starting for most of us so let’s jump right into change! What did you think of these small outfit tips for Fall? Want some more suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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