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Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

Are you afraid of starting over? Are you afraid of failing? Don't be. You can't live everyday in fear. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, you can't be afraid to just leave and start over. Check out this article; Don't Be Afraid To Start Over.

Life is all about change. We, as humans, are changing everyday. We change our clothes, we change our hair, and more importantly, without realizing it what we have become accustomed to changing how much we are willing to tolerate in life. So, with that said, you can not be afraid of change and you can not be afraid to start over!

In the words of Blink-182 “work sucks, I know,” yet work can suck for many reasons. Whether it’s the type of job you have, the people you work with, or the constant headaches from the people you deal with in the line of work you have. It’s tough! The human being can only put up with so much chaos before they snap and you know what? Nobody should ever get to that breaking point!

So screw it! Never leave yourself stuck in a position that you can no longer handle! Go out, find a job, buy some clothes, and go out and seek that fresh start! Seize the moment! You can’t go on to fear a fresh start, a fresh start is healthy and almost needed.

Maybe you also don’t like where you’re at in life. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do to get yourself out of it. Take a look at what you’re doing in life right now and start again and again if you’re not happy! Find a hobby, start a blog, go out with friends who are in the same boat as you, travel, hell, learn another language for all I care. Just do something to start your feelings over about yourself!

You should never fear the future. You should never fear the ‘what if’s.’ You should never fear change. If you feel like you need a fresh start put on your pink high heels, listen to some music, go out, go shopping, and find something that makes you happy!  Start over your happiness and be confident in everything that you do in life!

Life is short, so why would you spend your time being absolutely miserable when you can be happy. Life is all about change and adjustment. Meaning; you can only adjust SO MUCH before things need to change. So don’t stress about it. Start over at a new job, start over at a new hobby, even start over your wardrobe if that will you make you the least bit happy! Just live your life to the fullest my little shopaholic.

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By: The Young Shopaholic



  1. Indeed, every morning comes a new day and fresh start!

    In addition, Thomas Edison did say “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

    What’s equally important is to grow wiser and stronger with each time. Through the humblest reflections and observations, may we learn of a better way every day!


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