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Flats; A Woman’s Best Friend

Among the countless shoes that I have stored within my closet, under my bed, as well as in one of my dresser’s, you will always find the same type of shoe three times within each storage compartment. Flats. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of my eighty pairs of shoes are either adorable boots, sexy heels and cozy sneakers, however, when it comes to the style of feet my heart will always belong to flats! I don’t know what it is about Flats that makes me constantly buy them but here is a top three list as to why they are a women’s best friend!


  1. Great For Any Occasion


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Whether it’s a job interview, a party, meeting up with an ex, or going out to run errands, these shoes just always seem to fit your outfit perfectly! These shoes have no purpose other than to look fabulous on your feet! Running out to the bank? No problem! Got ya covered! Best friends getting married? I got you girl. Hiding from the girl scouts? We’ll help you run without that silly little ‘I broke my heel,’ bit!


2. There’s Like…A Million Colors!


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You have no idea the amount of colors that I have stashed around within my room. Although if you’ve visited this website before, you might get the idea that I love pink and everything girly! Flat shoes show no limits to love of color! I have found a flat in almost every color and shade possible and it’s absolutely awesome and well worth the buy! They know how to match every mood you’re in.


3. Pointy Or Round…LET’S GET BOTH!


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Flats come in all shapes in sizes, almost like people! So why should we discriminate? Let’s get them both! The simplicity in the change of shape of this shoe is honestly great. While the round style is very casual the pointy style screams business! Its definitely worth it to check out and try on both types!


Flats are just a daily necessity in life. Whether you have to travel far or right down the road, Flats just always seem to be there no matter what the purpose is! I have at least fifteen plus pairs of flats in all different colors; black, red, raisin, blue, pink, and my absolute favorite pair right now, mint! So the next time you’re out shopping and see a pair of flats…at least try them on! I promise you won’t regret it!


Do you have a favorite type of shoe? Heels, Sandals, Boots, or Sneakers? WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT! Answer our poll and leave a comment below about your favorite style of shoe!

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By: The Young Shopaholic




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