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Friends Come And Go

The older you get the more your friends change. Unfortunately, sometimes your best friend no longer stays your best friend, and you're stuck inside on a saturday night. So, what do you feel, what do you do? Check out this relatable and advice filled article; Friends Come And Go

I never used to understand when my mom would tell me, “the friends that you have right now, may not stay your friends forever.” I never understood and I never believed her since I was just entering middle school and thought she was being such a downer and a liar (I love you mom, I never really thought that) because I had A TON of friends at that point. However, being that I’m twenty years old now, in college, have a job, as well as run the awesome blog you’re reading, I couldn’t help but realize this Saturday was one of the loneliest Saturday’s I’ve ever experienced.

After a day of running errands with my mom, we came home at around five o’clock, I checked my email, we hung out some more and talked, and then all of a sudden it was six o’clock. I thought to myself, ‘I really want to go out tonight, hell, I want to go to dancing!’ I looked throughout my phone as I realized my contacts have gotten smaller.

At least half of my friends are back at school and they never really bothered with me nor answered my texts this summer anyways. Another third of my friends were working, the second third of my friends didn’t even care to answer, and the third-third answered and then never replied. I refused to contact a significant other for personal reasons, so, there I was.

At home. Angry at the world around me. Staring blankly into a freshly pressed Cosmopolitan magazine. What has my life come to?

In middle school I had a friend for each day of the week for the whole school year. In high school, that clearly changed, and I had my core group of friends. College came and I still had that core group of friends. We actually made an effort to see each other at least once every few months or for someone’s birthday, but now? Now everything’s different.

We all have work, school, prior engagements, family emergencies or family commitments, and whatever else you can think of. So, here I was acting like the two year old I am bored, at home, on a Saturday, nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to drink since I have until next July to be 21, and then my mom chimes in as they all do, “Don’t take it so personal. People just get busy and sometimes forget. College is starting back up soon and maybe you’ll make some more friends, or get back in touch with the old ones. Just don’t take it personal because everybody’s life is different. You don’t know what’s really going on.”

Of course me and my sarcasm/true feelings I responded with a slight crack in my voice saying “Yes I do! They started an I hate Amanda fan club and they all hate me.” Mother had no response but a roll of the eye. I sat there and sighed as I kept reading the magazine. It was then after replaying my mother’s words in my head that I finally came to terms with what was going on.

Friends will come in and out of your life like a fashion trend. One minute, everything’s great, you’re in the loop of things, and you feel like you’re on top of the world and then, the trend will slowly fade out, it will always be there like stars in the sky but you won’t be able to see them thanks to all those clouds.

People get busy and people grow up. Friends are not always the most important things in your life. You know what is important? Family. Family is forever and although you would like to sit back and think, my best friend is never going to leave my side, unfortunately they sometimes do. I’m sure most of you had someone at one point in your life that you considered a best friend whom you don’t even speak to anymore.

I’m not going to lie, it absolutely sucks sometimes not having anyone to turn that will be there in a heartbeat like you know you would be there for them. However, just because they’re not always there doesn’t always mean that you did something to make it that way. Sometimes friends just come and go and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to see the people you want to see most of all.

So, the next time you’re stuck at home on a Saturday night with nothing to do. Don’t even stress it, hell; I usually like staying home (except for this one instance)! Don’t get mad, angry, nor upset, just shrug it off and do something more useful with your time and just hangout at home with your family/loved ones. You may not be able to go out to a club with all of them but you sure as hell can laugh with all of them!

Have you ever been stuck inside on the weekend and thought, why me? What the hell did I do to these people? Are you going through the same situation I’m going through? Either leave a comment below to let me know your experiences OR if you have a question/need advice please email me at!

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