How To Overcome The Fear Of Leaving A Job

Comfortability is the devil’s niece. But no, seriously, it kind of is. Let’s face it, why would we, as humans leave a place that we’ve known for awhile, that we’re very comfortable with, and know the job inside and out to dive into a whole new job? Because it’s apart of the growing experience. I mean come on, if you’ve been a cashier for over a year, do you really see yourself still being there ten years later? What experience can you gain from a position like that aside from customer service (which is a great attribute, by the way)?

I recently experienced this torn decision between leaving my job that I’ve had for a year now or staying and knowing that there was no place for me to move up to. There was nothing at all wrong with the job. I loved the owners, the people, and I liked what I did. I knew exactly what I was doing. However, I could tell that I was getting to comfortable there, meaning, I basically knew what I could and couldn’t get away with there, i.e. texting at work/being on my phone the whole time, also, I knew what each day would entail from beginning to end, whether it was my legitimate job OR the gossip/drama that was going to happen there, day in and day out. It was just not a good scenario to be in at that point. Although, being comfortable at a job can be great in certain aspects, it doesn’t make it great nor right to abuse your job itself which is why it recently dawned on me that I could NO LONGER be there. I enjoy working, I like hard work, period. So, I realized that I’m just not myself at all when I’m there.

Don’t get me wrong the whole staff was like a dysfunctional family, there were differences yet there were always solutions, they are a great group of people! Yet, me, personally, I could not handle having five classes, running this website/being my own boss, needing to be on my phone all the time for calls and emails, plus deal with the stress of being their at random times since there was never a true set schedule for every week. So, after weeks and weeks of teetering back of forth with “Should I Stay Or Should I Go,” by The Clash playing within the background of my thoughts, finally, I bit the bullet.

Now, as a side note, I am terrible with putting in a two week notice,  you can ask my references. When I get to the point of no return with being fed up with a certain place, I usually send in an immediate resignation. HOWEVER, being that I am now twenty years old and this was a far more serious position than that of a grocery store/mall job, I wrote up a two weeks notice. I didn’t know what the hell to say. How the hell does one even present a two weeks notice?

“To whom it may concern,

Sorry to screw ya, I quit.

Kthanks, Bye!


What in the actual hell do I say? But, since I know how easy it is to talk to my manager I built up the courage after five panic attacks before my shift and just laid it all out on the table with my letter. Before I knew it, it was almost like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I remember I actually sighed a sigh of relief (secretly) and when I walked to the back of the office, I smiled.

I did not smile out of pleasure or joy that I just totally screwed this place. I did not smile to rub it in. No. I smiled out of peace in mind. Relaxation. Let’s get all up in there and say, hope for the future. I, Amanda Badillo, for once, actually had enough balls to give in a two week notice…and stick to it! I took everything that I had done that day as a learning lesson.

You are never trapped at one place forever. You have the power to leave, and get out of either a bad situation or just out of a job that’s not for you anymore. You control how a situation goes if you feel that strongly enough about it. You don’t cave, you don’t feel sorry, you need to do what’s best for you. So the next time you feel like you need to leave your job whether it’s personal reasons, you hate everyone and everyone knows it, or if you feel UNAPPRECIATED, just do it. Cut the wire, and leave.

Don’t get me wrong, money is great and it is needed in order to survive in this day and age but no job is worth your happiness nor sanity. Ever. So, how do you overcome this anxiety of leaving your job?

  1. Assess the pros and cons of this job and I mean ALL of them! Any little thing that has been happening that has made you feel any type of way, write that down!
  2. Talk it out with someone close to you. Sometimes hearing yourself talk about a certain situation aloud, helps you to clear your head and make up your mind.
  3. Write your resignation letter. It doesn’t matter if you have decided to quit yet or not, just do it!
  4. See how you feel once your resignation letter is typed. Does it feel good?
  5. Practice talking to your manager with someone close to you, whether you talk to a few people or the same person you spoke to in step 2.
  6. You can’t over think it. I know it’s bound to happen anyways but you have to try and mellow yourself out and think, in the end this will be a good thing and it will all work out. If you listen to music to try and relax, check out my previous article 10 Songs That Will Mellow You Out!
  7. Let it rip. When you go in to work, tell your manager you really need to talk to them in private, hand in the resignation letter EVEN IF it’s not required, have your final work date written in WRITING. Then just explain it to him/her, if it’s because of school be honest, if it’s because of the place itself or any other reason, you can either be brutally honest or just say, ‘personal reasons’.

You can’t stress about the chatter that’s going to happen when people find out you’re leaving. Who cares? YOU’RE LEAVING! That should make you feel elated enough! If your co-workers or manager want to talk about you, let them. You won’t have to deal with them anymore in two-weeks. Don’t let anybody guilt trip you into staying their either, your mind is already made up and it will only prolong the inevitable.

Best of luck, you can do this! Everybody at some point in their life has done this before, you’re just one of a hundred million people that has the guts to do it.

Are you indecisive about leaving a job? Are you scared to put in your two weeks? Don’t really know what to say? Don’t know how to break the habit of not putting in a two-week notice and immediately resigning? I’m here to help. Either leave a comment below with your questions or thoughts, or shoot me an email at!

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