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What Lipstick Shade Goes Best With Your Skin Tone?

Are you a huge fan of Lipstick? Do you own at least a third of the hundreds shades of lipsticks around the world? Are you still, however, not sure which shade is best for your skin tone? Well check out; What Lipstick Shade Goes Best With Your Skin Tone!

Lipstick is an absolute gift from above! No seriously, it adds that extra something that is needed in order to complete a look. Lipstick helps us to forget that we will never have the gorgeous plump lips (naturally) of Angelina Jolie, nor the sexy pout of Megan Fox. Lipstick makes us women feel gorgeous and glamorous no matter what the occasion is! However, we see advertisements day in and day out of the same type of girl wearing the same beautiful red lips and we’re just supposed to believe that that shade will look great on all of us? Absolutely not. We are all different whether it’s the shape of our lips, or the color of our skin.  So I’m here to tell you which lipstick shade would be best for your skin tone!

  1. Light/Fare Skin


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Red: Yes, red, BUT not that crazy clown red! I’m talking about a deep crimson with a little bit of shine!


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Black: I know it’s hard to believe but black lipstick has actually become a very trendy shade lately! It also gives you that sexy, edgy look!


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Deep Pinks: This will add that little bit of color you were looking for! If you do a light pink, it will just wash you out entirely!


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Purple: You have no clue how much I love this color! There are so many different shades of purple it’s almost overwhelming! To name a few there are; violet, plum, and raisin.

2. Tan/Medium Skin

bright pink

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Bright Pinks: You have some beautiful color to you, make it pop with some soft light colors like a beautiful blush pink or even something a bit more bold!

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Nude: This will add that softness to your lips that you’ve been looking for while still keeping that simple sexy look.


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Cherry Red: Just trust me! That’s all I have to say!


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Soft Lavender: This hue adds that elegant softness to your lips without being to overbearing of a shade.

3. Dark Skin

In this case I like to think of it as the bolder you go, the more you’ll glow!

dark blue

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Blue: I swear I’m not crazy, this bold color will look FLAWLESS on you, the catch is, you should go for more of a matte blue lipstick. Go for the deeper blue and please stay away from the crazy light blue the girl at Sephora will try and offer you…it just makes every girl look crazy as far as I’m concerned!


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Pink: Bright pinks are beautiful and lighten up your face!


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Red: For your skin tone the shinier the red, the better!


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Purple: Like it was mentioned before, stick to a nice raisin or plum color BUT shine it up a little bit with some lipgloss!

I always hear the same questions, “what lipstick shade will look best with my skin tone,” “what shade won’t wash me out?” Well here you have it a SMALL  list of lipstick shades that should be a shoe in to give you that elegant yet lip popping look you’ve been trying to go for! Did I miss anything? Do you have your own personal lipstick shades that look great on that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below with your favorite shades or some that were forgotten!

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in the next one!

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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