Top Ten Bands That Faded Out

Firstly, the title says it ALL! You know those bands I’m talking about! The ones where the radio will occasionally play two or three of their songs back to back that you still remember by heart, then, you go home, look up their band and realize they haven’t made a new song since 2005. Well, growing up I have had at least a hundred of these bands crawl in and out of my life but to keep it brief let’s just start with my list of Top Ten Bands That Faded OUT.

  1. Daughtry


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Oh you remember Chris Daughtry from American Idle who want to make his own albums with his band! You might remember some of their top songs; It’s Not Over, Over You, What About Now, and so many more!

2. Hinder


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Ugh, Austin Winkler’s voice was SO sexy! With their Aerosmith type of vibe they were a HIT for at least a year with top songs such as; Lips Of An Angel, Better Than Me, and Get Stoned!



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Who could forget their hot lead singer with their awesome music video that I still remember to this day; Cold. They also had many other hit songs; Colors, So Far Away, and many others!

4. Sum 41

sum 41

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Do not get me wrong at all! I still listen to Sum 41 at least once a week but they haven’t really made a great comeback song in years! So to name a few of the greatest hits; Fat Lip, In Too Deep, Over My Head, Pieces, and so, so, many more!

5. The Strokes


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Now, although these boys weren’t very main stream, they definitely played a huge role in my growing up process! They were just a great, feel good band who hasn’t really done anything major since having their song featured in Spiderman (When It Started). To name a few good songs; Someday, You Talk Way To Much, and as previously mentioned, When It Started.

6. Black Lab

learn to crawl

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These guys were just flat out awesome. Their rhythm was always great, their vocals were fantastic, and the guitar playing was just…they were just perfect. To name a few good songs; Learn To Crawl, This Night, Weightless, and many more.

7. Nickelback


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Before you begin judging, I am talking about the early 2000 Nickelback, not the joke that they are now. Before they became the laughing stock of my generation I actually found them to be pretty damn decent, okay? A few songs; Animal, How U Remind Me, and Savin Me.

8. Lit


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This was the heart of my childhood, period, point blank! This band was in every teen movie possible from the early 2000’s. Don’t remember them? Maybe this will help, “I’m sorry about the things I said when I was drunk, I didn’t mean to call you that.” A few of their best songs; My Own Worst Enemy, Miserable, Lipstick and Bruises and so many more!

9. Creed


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I’m talking about early Creed, like, ‘I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking,’ Creed! His bad-ass-ness was enough to make anybody listen to his music back then! A few notable songs; With Arms Right Open, One Last Breath, and Can You Take Me Higher.

10. Lifehouse


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Who doesn’t remember these guys? Holy 2000’s! These guys are a blast from the past who were honestly so damn good! I know they made a few songs in 2012 but let’s be real…they earned nothing like they would have back then. A few songs to name; Hanging By A Moment, Everything, Take Me Away, and definitely a few others!

Ah, music! Music is the symbol of changing times! The bands that were mentioned from the early 2000’s were great groups of some talented people! Unfortunately, most of them got lost along the rubble of scrunchies, gel pens, and hit clips. The rest of the bands from the mid 2000’s that just can’t seem to make a comeback were taken down by downloadable music, low standards of talent and the lost meaning of decent/meaningful music. If you haven’t heard any of their old music that I have mentioned in this article, they are definitely worth the lookup! Did I miss anything? Any songs I forgot to mention? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to the website for daily content!

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