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Interview Outfit Ideas: Questions Answered!

Still stuck on outfit ideas for your interview? I have received many emails on this topic and I'm hear to help those who need to do some tweaking to their choices! Check out this outfit I recently put together for an interview with some suggestions!

So, I know I have posted previous articles about this one topic in particular, for example, What Not To Wear On Your Job Interview and What To Wear On Your Job Interview, if you haven’t read it, go check it out now. Are you done? Great! Now, although I have posted certain key points about this subject I still receive many questions on about what I think about other reader’s outfits for their interviews! Even though most of their ideas are GREAT, some could use a few tweaks! So, with that said, here is an outfit I recently put together for an interview.

interview outfit

blush pink shoes

For my frequent readers, you know how I am when it comes to blazers! They look phenomenal with any outfit style you are trying to go for! So, what I went for in this look was edgy-chic yet professional! So, I had my black dress pants with the zippers for my front pockets that I recently purchased from H&M, my plain black t-shirt, and a blush-pink colored blazer that I purchased from Forever 21! To top off this look I added my blush-pink high heels, and some fashionable jewelry pieces, such as, a watch, a simple bracelet, and a beautiful necklace to complete the look without adding that ‘trying to hard,’ feel.

blush pink purse

I know this is kind of blurry, I’m sorry my tablet is terrible.

Another asset that I added to this piece was my blush-pink purse so it balanced the colors within the outfit. Now, I can admit happily that I’m a smart shopper who loves to save when she buys! So, minus my Fossil watch this whole outfit cost me under $100! You can put any outfit together that you never thought possible before as long as you really look at the clothes you have!

Any questions? Leave a comment below or email me at

By: The Young Shopaholic


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