You Will Always Have That One Kid In Every Class Who…

No matter what college you are attending whether it’s a university or a community college, they are typically very diverse schools filled with many personalities. Sometimes, being mixed with very different people is a good thing…and then other times it’s a nightmare. You have the normal students who are quiet, sit in the back not bothering anyone. The smart ones that are constantly participating. The kids that want to be the center of attention. And then, you have those people…the ones that can never stop talking.

I have a girl in my class whom from day one I could tell was going to be one of those kids. From the START of attendance, she proved me right! She went into this huge explanation of telling her apart from this other girl who has her name, for about three minutes until the professor finally said, “alright, well, we have other students to get to.”

She is constantly either trying to talk over every other student, talk over the professor, teach the class, and be a kiss up at the same. Hello, I paid for an education. I paid for the old guy up front to bore me with his lectures. I did not pay for you to talk for fifty minutes, three days a week! Girl…bye! Sit down, be quiet, and let the man talk.

Now, the class I’m talking about in particular, is a film class, so, today we started watching Lord Of The Rings (I hate this movie, by the way) and who’s favorite movie is? This girls. OF COURSE IT IS! Why am I not surprised? You know what else was just the icing on the cake to this whole scenario? SHE KNEW ALL OF THE WORDS! So there she was, reciting the movie, loud as hell for all of us to here. Girl, I don’t like this movie to begin with and I’m forced to watch it right now, because I am forced to watch it I would rather hear Elijah Wood say his lines than YOU!

You are not Angelina Jolie so I do not want to hear your voice. Go away.

Don’t get me wrong I will more than likely never say any of this aloud to her, however, that doesn’t mean someone else in the class won’t. SO much has been said to this girl already and it’s only the third day of classes. I’ll give her this; she doesn’t care what anybody says to her or thinks about her, good for you, BUT while we are in class please keep your interjections to yourself or wait until your ass is called on.

So my dear readers, I CAN GUARANTEE YOU, if you have not yet been cursed with one of these kids in your class, you will soon. And when you do, you will think of this rant/article and realize you are not the only person suffering with this classmate. They are everywhere! So what do you do? You practice meditation in class. You practice your breathing. You practice your patience. Have you not talked to God in awhile? Well, now’s a great time to talk to Jesus because you will need his strength to not freak out on this girl/boy. !

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