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10 Shopping Commandments!

Hello my little Shopaholic's! Well, I figured since I follow a few rules when it comes to shopping, why not share it with my fellow shoppers? So here it is, my 10 Shopping Commandments.

Okay, so, obviously I was listening to Biggie Smalls before writing this fun little piece. Being the young shopaholic that I am, I have a list of rules that I follow while shopping. So I figured that I would share that little list with you. Check out the 10 Shopping Commandments!

  1. If there’s a deodorant stain on one of them, you buy none of them.


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I have done this one to many times to count. I saw a shirt that was COVERED in deodorant stains that I thought, eh, no big deal, I’ll just buy the other shirt. Maybe the last person who tried this on put on the shirt wrong and just got her deodorant everywhere. Now I, being the careful clothes-wearer that I am, put this shirt on nice and easy, it is SO rare that I get deodorant on ANYTHING but these few shirts…let’s just say they are always goners and just such a pain to deal with!


  1. If there’s a pull it ain’t worth the price it probably is; full!


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Do I really need to explain? This shirt is usually made of such cheap fabric. You will be dealing with this on this shirt for the rest of your time owning it.


  1. If five girls hover over a shirt; leave it in the dirt.


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I don’t give a damn in the world if it’s cute, sexy, or on sale! LEAVE IT! This now means almost everyone will be wearing this shirt, stand out from the crowd!


  1. Is It A Steal Or A Really Bad Deal?


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Sometimes sales can be deceiving! Pay attention to every little detail about what you’re buying, it could be really crappy material and you’re the sucker who bought in to it.


  1. Just because it’s a great color in pink doesn’t mean you should buy every color you think (of)


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Come on, stick to one color of this shirt, don’t buy it in blue, green, purple, pink, orange, peach, etc! You only do that if it’s a basic tee or a spaghetti strap!


  1. Think of the last time you bought cotton, did you buy the size you really should have gotten?


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Ladies and gentlemen, we all know cotton usually shrinks a little bit to fast and it has to be bought with thoughtful consideration! If you are a small, try buying a medium!


  1. Never Shop Upset Or You’ll Find Yourself with 5 different pairs of vests!


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I break this rule all the time because this is when my shopping addiction gets the best of me so I usually leave the store with five wraps (same style), 3 blazers (same style), four pairs of shoes (same style), basically…just don’t do this okay? It’s going back to Biggie Smalls when he STRICTLY tells you ‘don’t get high off your own supply.’ Clothes are your supply my friends, and you are getting high.


  1. Never Swipe A Credit Card Since You Already Know Paying It Back Is Hard, I Mean Come On, Where Is Your Debit Card?


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Yea, hey debt, how are you? Don’t buy expensive clothes with your credit card, DO NOT! If you are buying them with your credit card that just means you know you can’t afford them right now so then you won’t be able to afford to pay it back. Use your damn debit card if you can and worry about the $30 overdraft fee later!


  1. Be First At The Sale Unless You Want To Go To Jail.

sale fight

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Do you really want to beat up grandma for that blouse?


  1. If The Price Is Up High Is It Worth The Buy?

high price

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So there you have it a 10 Shopping Commandments list to follow. A little cheesy, I know, but hopefully some of you dear readers will actually follow it. Should a Youtube video be made from this? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and opinions and if a Youtube video should be made.

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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