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Higher The Heels, The Higher You Are To Heaven…Literally!

Sometimes the higher the heels the closer you are to heaven just may very well be true! Why wear shoes that you can't even walk in? How high is too high? Check out the latest discussion about this topic, right here!

Okay, so, I have a little rant to go on and surprisingly it’s about shoes…and us girls/boys! So, I love shoes more than the next person, I mean you can check my closet and under my bed, shoes are life! However, when it comes to shoes I’m pretty damn particular about what my feet will be wearing for the day. So, with that said, my shoes vary from sneakers, flats, sandals, wedges, and heels. Yet, my heels are sensible on what I can actually walk in meaning the highest I would probably go would be four inches maybe even five when I’m having my Jessica Simpson moments. What I do not understand about some girls/guys is why would you buy nor wear shoes that you can not even walk in?

You might be wondering, what the hell is my reason for even writing about this topic? Well, I’m glad you asked! While I was on campus the other day I spotted this girl who was strutting her stuff! Her outfit was definitely on point, her hair was perfect, and her makeup was spot on! Not a flaw in sight! Until I saw her walking like the ground was made out of lava.

What the hell is wrong with your feet, girl?



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Let’s see…she had seven inch heels on her damn feet while our campus is hill-city! Has she lost her mind? Aside from the fact that I, personally, would never, ever wear heels to this campus, I would never wear shoes that I couldn’t walk in to begin with. She was tripping on every pebble possible, hell, even when the ground was smooth and we were inside a building, she was shuffling around the floor. She could barely pick her feet off the ground. She might as well have crawled! What is the point of this?

Don’t get me wrong at all here, I’m not passing judgement on anyone! All I’m saying is why would you buy and or wear heels that you know you can barely walk in! Seven inch heels are for very RARE occasions! Not to wear everyday! If you know you couldn’t walk in those shoes yesterday, why in the hell are you trying again today? Or the next day? Your walking hasn’t gotten any better and those shoes are NOT meant for everyday errands!

If you fall in those shoes or mis-judge stepping off of a curb, there goes your ankle, your face from falling, maybe an arm, and your damn dignity and pride in your stride. I guess sometimes the term ‘the higher the heels the closer you are to heaven,’ just might really be true. So please ladies and gentlemen, let’s just be realistic with what your feet can handle. Breaking in your shoes is one thing, but barely being able to shuffle on the damn floor is a-whole-nother story! Think before you buy because you might wind up hurting yourself…or worse…messing up your outfit.

If you know you can walk in those heels than by all means, own it baby!

Do you have a pair of KILLER heels that you keep stored away in your closet? Do you wear them everyday? How high is your highest heel? How high is too high? What is your limit? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts/experiences!

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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