TREND ALERT! TREND ALERT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! There is actually a trend breaking loose that is extremely comfortable, affordable, as well as adorable! That’s right my little shopaholics, underwear has made a totally trending breakthrough! Screw thongs, granny panties, uncomfortable lace, and all those other forms of underwear. What is HOT right now is the very soft and cozy seamless panties!

seamless 5Seamless 3

Photo Credit To But Panties Purchased From Victoria’s Secret

For awhile now, seamless underwear has been around for many women to purchase and fall in love with. However, what seemed to be the main purpose given to these underwear by many of us was this; it was made for leotards and those skin tight dresses! Now, these underwear have been given a chance to shine on its own and worn regularly under jeans!


Photo Credit To But Panties Purchased From Victoria’s Secret

These silky, soft, almost commando feeling underwear are a Godsend! I swear, it almost feels like you are wearing nothing! These underwear are popping up everywhere! You can find them in places like Amazon, Target, Victoria’s Secret (especially when they have their 5 for 27.50 sale like they did yesterday), and many other places! They are definitely an item worth buying!

Seamless 2

Photo Credit To But Panties Purchased From Victoria’s Secret

A few great purposes about this trend aside from it’s Angel like texture?

  1. Great for a skin tight dress! You won’t have to worry about any wrinkles showing through, no parts exposed, as well as no bunching in unnecessary places!
  2. If this point didn’t already come across to you…NO PANTY LINES!
  3. Sexy looking when the pants come off! To achieve this you definitely want to check out the cheekster panties section from Amazon, they have a great selection for you to choose from in finding your best fit! The cheekster look compliments your butt while covering it up and yet still showing just the right amount of skin. PLUS, you’ll still be comfortable while looking hot!
  4. You are not limited to just one style! Aside from fun patterns that EVERY panty possesses, you also have the option of choosing between several types of seamless styles! Whether it’s a thong, a cheekster, a high rise, or even one with a little bit of sexy lace on the sides like this one;

Seamless 4

Photo Credit To But Panties Purchased From Victoria’s Secret

I swear that red came out more obnoxious on picture than what it actually is. I mean, those aren’t mine!

So there it is! The hottest and most comfortable trend that is bearing it’s beautiful head! These panties are sexy, unique, and comfortable all at the same time! They are definitely worth the buy! So the next you are looking to buy a pair of these panties but don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money until you fully know they are worth it, again, try checking out Amazon for great deals on styles you will love before you move up to stores like the fabulous Victoria’s Secret!

Do you think you will be a buyer of this latest trend? Do you have a pair for yourself? Do you think you’ll be sticking to the “normal” underwear with seams? Maybe a mix of both? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Cover Photo Credit To However The Bag Is Clearly From Victoria’s Secret


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