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Today I was feeling very #Fallspired and decided to put together a series of outfits to get you fellow shopaholics fall inspired!

Being that it is the second day of Fall, I thought that I would celebrate by throwing on a few outfits and testing out a few of my fall inspired looks. Now, before you scroll make note that I’m sorry some of these shots are a little blurry and have terrible lighting. You see, the first bunch of pictures came out GREAT (the ones where I’m in long sleeves), however, my lawn mower guy came forcing me inside to take my shunned (sleeveless) pictures. So…yea…the lighting isn’t so great on some of them. Also, another side-note on these two outfits. The first look (long sleeves) is a cutesy, soft, and simple fall look! The second look (sleeveless) is a more edgier look! This look was supposed to be topped off with my leather jacket but…it just wasn’t. Take a look!

Fall 1

(Don’t mind my dogs chewed up volleyball)

Fall 2

fall 6

I had get a lip shot in here somehow! This color is a blend of brown lipliner from Sephora and the shade Show Off by Pür purchased from Khols. Now this look is great for going to school, hanging out with friends, going to lunch, or even just running simple errands. It’s soft, adorable, and it’s just enough coverage to keep you warm.

fall 4

fall 8

fall 9

I’m sorry for the black and white…I’ve been feeling a little artsy today…plus it covers up how blurry this picture originally was! This look is great for a night out with friends or even on a date night with your significant other. You can pair this look off with a leather jacket (like mine was supposed to be), or even an adorable denim jacket.

So there you have it! A few Fall inspired looks! Like these outfits? For the first look (long sleeves); I purchased the shirt from EnvyU for just 8 dollars (can we say bargain), my pants are from Target for 25 dollars, and my boots were purchased from Charlotte Russe for 15 dollars (they were having a major sale). Now, my second look (sleeveless); My shirt was purchased from Khols in the Rock and Rebell section, unfortunately, I do not remember how much it was, I bought it in the summer. My boots and jeans were the same for each look.

Which look was your favorite? Are you feeling #fallspired?

By: The Young Shopaholic


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