Ask The Young Shopaholic: My Crush Isn’t Answering Me Anymore!

Dear The Young Shopaholic,

I’m writing you out of total curiosity to see if you’ll respond and how good your advice is! I check out your site at least once a week and love all of your articles! So, I figured that I would try your Ask The Young Shopaholic email page thing. I finally took on the courage to ask this guy who I’ve been totally crushing on for a year for his number! I was so nervous when I asked, I thought I was going to puke! Anyways! Lol! We actually exchanged numbers and have been texting for a few weeks now and hanging out up until recently. Now, he takes awhile to respond and sometimes he just won’t answer. I don’t want to blow up his phone and seem crazy ya know? Do you think he found someone else? What should I do?!?!?!


Hey R!

Firstly, I’m so glad that you decided to reach out for some advice and thank you so much for reading! You have no clue how much that means to me! Also, thank you for letting me post your problem to be featured on the site! Now, getting to your situation! Good for you for being the one to initiate the flirting! For most guys nowadays I have learned that that is a HUGE turn on! The fact that you guys have been texting and hanging out is great. Believe me when I tell you that I have been through situations like this enough to learn that sometimes over-texting a guy is the last thing you want to do! Some guys just find it too over-bearing, especially to be constantly asked ‘what are you doing,’ ‘why aren’t you answering,’ and the million ‘hello?” texts. However, while I don’t think there is anyone else I don’t truly know the full situation or anything about this guy. What I can tell you is this; being that it’s the beginning of a school year, some people do have a lot of work on their hands! Whether it’s school work, a job, life at home, two jobs, you name it. Life sometimes gets very hard and it becomes difficult to manage your time and write back the ones you are just starting to get to know. Since I don’t know the full situation at hand, I’ll ask you this, do you text him first or does he ALWAYS text you first? Sometimes guys are looking for that first text from the girl to know that they are interested. My boyfriend now of practically two years would sometimes go a week or MORE without talking to me (in the beginning of our relationship) because I never texted him first! So, that kind of broke me out of my ‘guys should text first’ rule and had me initiating certain conversations. So, here’s what I think you should do; text him the basics of ‘hi, how are you,’ and if he answers great! If that is truly the case that he does answer, I would be honest with him and ask him what he’s looking for from you two hanging out. You’ll know what to do by the way he answers. Now, let’s say he doesn’t answer, just leave it at that! Don’t chase after him a queen never chases. If you truly need to constantly chase after him or anyone for that matter, they are so not worth an ounce of your energy nor time! I hope that I was able to help! I know more than anyone how stressful dating can be so please feel free to keep me posted! Thank you for subscribing and checking out the site! Again, it truly means a lot to me from the bottom of my heart! I hope everything works out!

Thanks and Happy Shopping!


Thank you to R for letting me post her dilemma onto The Young Shopaholic!

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