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Top 10 Greatest Halloween Movies Of All Time (That Are Suitable For Children)!

Do you have any plans for the night? No? Well, then your friends are missing out on the night of a LIFETIME! Your night will be made once you start watching at least one of the movies off of our latest article the Top 10 Greatest Halloween Movies Of All Time (That Are Suitable For Children)!

It’s finally October my shopaholic’s! You know what that means! Break out the decorations, buy some pumpkins, and show me your scary face! However, aside from just celebrating this glorious holiday on the 31st, many people, such as myself, celebrate the entire month of October for Halloween! How? By throwing on my sweatpants, snuggling up with my dogs (or significant other, whoever is available really), and turning on a classic Halloween movie! But not just any Halloween movie, no! THE TOP 10 GREATEST HALLOWEEN MOVIES OF ALL TIME! Duh…

10. The Addams Family\


Photo Credit To Free-moviez.biz

For starters, yes, this article was just revised because I was a complete idiot and clearly in my own little world while writing this. How I could forget about Christina Ricci and Raul Julia? This is definitely a MUST WATCH for Halloween! With it’s odd quirky humor and quick wit it’s a great treat for the strange and easily amused! You have to watch The Addams Family followed by The Addams Family Values! Highly recommended!

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Photo Credit Wikipedia.org

Do I really need to explain why? Hello! Tim Burton Classic!

8. When Good Ghouls Go Bad


Photo Credit To Amazon.com

Now, I have not yet been able to watch this movie but from what I’ve heard from my 90’s kids…this is a movie that I just have to watch this year! Plus, Christopher Lloyd is in it…I can’t wait!

7. The Phantom Of The Megaplex


Photo Credit To Wikipedia.org

Any true Disney kid remembers this movie and remembers fearing to go to any movie theater after watching this! With it’s funny relatable teenage problems when it came to working as well as dating AND having to deal with a ‘phantom’ who is haunting the theater, what is not to love?

6. The Scream Team


Photo Credit To Wikipedia.org

After the passing away of their grandfather, this brother-sister duo team up in trying to figure out what exactly their grandfather is trying to communicate to them. In doing so they meet a few quirky ghostly spirits along the way! DISNEY CLASSIC ALERT!

5. Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire


Photo Credit To Vampyres-online.com

After trying to set his mom up on a blind date, the Hansen family will now go through a rough night of trying to get the sexy Charles Shaughnessy, I mean the blood thirsty vampire, away from her! Definitely a need to see and another DISNEY CLASSIC ALERT!

4. Underwraps


Photo Credit To Target.com

When a group of kids go snooping around their neighbors basement, they stumble upon a sarcophagus! Of course, in kid form, the old ‘don’t touch it,’ rule flew right out the window when they went trespassing in the first place! The mummy, Harold, comes to life and takes these kids on a roller coaster full of events! DISNEY CLASSIC ALERT!

3. Don’t Look Under The Bed


Photo Credit To Wikipedia.org

My personal favorite movie as a kid! A teenage girl is visited by an imaginary friend who has revealed himself in order to help her in the fight against stopping the boogeyman! WARNING the boogeyman is absolutely scary but the ending is adorable and I cry almost every time! DISNEY CLASSIC ALERT!

2. Halloweentown 1 & 2


Photo Credit To Wikipedia.org Photo Credit To Wikipedia.org

Although I know all of my Disney kids know of this classic and I am beyond sure that almost every kid of the 90’s or older has seen this movie or at least know what it’s about! But, for those of you who don’t; a young girl named Marnie discovers on halloween night that her Grandmother and mother are witches! However, since Marnie has never used her magic before, she needs to begin training before midnight tonight or else she will lose her powers forever! She then follows her grandmother back to her home town…yet, the town isn’t exactly what you would think it is! It is Halloween everyday and every creature you could ever think of is alive and real! What they don’t know yet is the grandmother is in danger and needs her families help! Now as for the second movie…you’ll just have to see for yourself. DISNEY CLASSIC ALERT!

  1. Hocus Pocus


Photo Credit To Imdb.com

I know I don’t have to explain this movie, at all and quite frankly, I’m not going to. Why not? Because if you have not seen this movie or even heard of this movie then you sir/ma’am are no friend of mine. I will leave you all off with a few word’s of advice; to all my virgins…don’t go lighting any strange candles okay? And if you’re going to a club, don’t dance until you die. Also, to all of my Billy’s…please keep your head on. Sarah Jessica Parker…need I say more.

So, no plans for tonight, huh? Well now you have some! Sit back, pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, grab your dog/cat/significant other/kids and watch at least half of this list. I can definitely guarantee you a good time! What’s your favorite Halloween movie from this list? Did you forget about half of these? Leave a comment below as well as answering the poll!

Cover Photo Credit To Yahooaviate.tumblr.com

By: The Young Shopaholic


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