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How To Shop On A Budget: Advice From A College Student

Are you on a tight budget but need to update your wardrobe? Do you have an important event to attend? Check out these tips from; How To Shop On A Budget: Advice From A College Student!

As a college student, sticking to your budget is crucial! But, sometimes you’ll need to go to an event that you didn’t plan for or maybe you just want to spice up your wardrobe a little bit. In cases like these, the key is to look good and find adorable, quality items without breaking the bank.
After making my usual monthly budget, I had soon realized that it was time for Homecoming. It’s one of those events where it’s only one night so it really makes little sense to go and spend all of your money on something you’ll probably never wear again. In total I ended up spending $45 for my outfit- $20 for the dress and $25 on accessories (I already had the shoes). Check out these tips below to try and save money for your next special occasion!


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1) Check to see what items you already own- I personally, don’t own many pairs of heels but I do have the colors that complement EVERYTHING! In most cases, I’ll grab my black stilettos for a formal event and I’ll re-wear them several times. No-one really notices. We’re always under the impression that we have to have something new every time. Sure it’s nice to have new things but you also want to have some money left in your account when you’re done. If you have a little black dress, you can wear that as many times as you want. As long as you accessorize differently each time and the dress is mainly plain, people won’t even realize you’ve worn it before (Unless the events are like a day apart; in which case you should probably change outfits)


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2) DIY- Many people think of Do-It-Yourself outfits as tacky but the key is preparation. You need to plan everything out in advance so if something goes wrong, you have the time to fix it. You’ll also need to order the materials you’ll need. It’s more advisable to DIY with the accessories than the dress and shoes. For DIY ideas for a certain event, you can check on Pinterest, YouTube or just Google the theme and see what comes up. You’ll probably end up saving a lot and you’ll get to tap into your creative skills.

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3) Check online- There are so many websites that you can order clothes from. If you’re anything like me, you’re kind of nervous buying clothes online. Just make sure for the websites you go on, check their return policy. That way if you accidentally order the wrong size you can send it back to them and get a refund or a replacement clothing item. Also search for coupons online. There are many online stores that have coupons like free shipping that can reduce the cost immensely. (Also check the shipping time- You want to make sure you get your clothes in a reasonable time)

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4) Shop around- You just went into a store and found the shirt you’ve always wanted. Before you get too excited and buy it, you can always check and see if there are any places that have the same item for less. A trick is to take a picture of the item and search it through Google Images (while you’re still in the store if you want) to see if you find the item for cheaper elsewhere. If not, you’ve got yourself a deal. If you do find an alternative, make sure it’s legit and if it is, get the item wherever else you found it.

So, do you guys have any ideas on how to save money on clothes? We’d love to hear them! Tell us your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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By: Abigail Bowes


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