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The Difficulty Of Having A Job As A Student

It is absolutely difficult being a full time student and having a job, here are some reasons why!

Being a college student isn’t exactly a walk in the park. I mean sure, most of us were students at one point whether it was high school, middle school, elementary, martial arts, music, or even just being a student to your parents and learning about life from them. However, when you reach that amazing age of eighteen years old, you are finally in college and you can also get a legitimate job…you find yourself with obstacles…and a lot of them!

Now, I am a full time student and cannot offer as many hours to work as I would like. So, obviously, I need a part time position. Yet, the positions that I would love to work whether it be a receptionist or an assistant are unfortunately not available to me because those positions wind up becoming full time or if you’re great at your job, they become a far more important role to the company. Where does this leave someone like me then who wants to work but can’t afford to give in more hours due to constant tests, homework, commuting, and exhaustion?


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Hmm…let’s see.

This leaves students like myself to work in minimum waged jobs at grocery stores, retail store in fun locations, like the mall (that was absolutely sarcastic) where they stay open until 11 once Thanksgiving comes around. Yea, that helps me out a lot, thanks for giving me these crazy hours.


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So, what do I find myself constantly doing aside from a crazy school work load and managing this gem that you’re reading right now, I am constantly looking for a place that will fit with my schedule, their schedule, as well as a place that makes me happy.

With that being said, it is because of all of these reasons that I can’t afford to be a full time student anymore. I can only afford to be a full time employee, a full time editor, and part time online student.

This is what life is coming to in order to afford to live; sacrifice school and earn money. This is such an unfortunate circumstance but unfortunately, nothing can be done about this. The sad part is too is that I am not the only person this has happened to/is happening to.

Well folks, that’s my rant for the day on the Difficulty Of Having A Job As A Student. Have you been in a similar situation? Leave a comment below with your experiences!

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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