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Finals Week: No Sweat!

Hello shopaholics! It is finally that time of the semester again for all of my fellow college kids…that’s right, it’s time for finals week! I have already started my mental freakout with having to write a four page paper for Psych which counts as two test grades plus the huge final in a week and a half, plus another six page paper for film, a play write for Theater, and finally a few poems and prose pieces for creative writing. Needless to say I’m ready for a mental breakdown. However, I have learned how to handle the stress of finals and cope with it in a few simple steps!

1. Listening To Some Mellow Yet Uplifting Music


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Adele is not who you need right now so when she decides to call and say ‘Hello,’ hit that red button and left swipe her. You don’t need her to bring you down and make you have a sudden breakthrough in the middle of your paper. Instead, turn on some old classics like The Strokes, Coldplay, Bad Suns, anything that sparks your creativity!

2. Learn How To Take A Break!


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Sometimes sunlight can be a good thing even if its only for a short five minutes! Take a few minutes to yourself to step away from your computer and just step outside! Breathe in the air around you and woosah! A break like this, no matter how small will help you to relax and spark some ideas faster. Besides, stepping away is better than pulling your hair out.

3. Take Things One Step At A Time.


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You can’t write your Psych paper while writing a script for Theater and watching a movie for Film at the same time! Make a little check list for yourself and take it from there. Get rid of the easy things first that way when your brain is shot from all the difficult tasks, you can rest it instead of making no sense on something that could be an easy grade.

4. Turn Over Your Phone And Turn Off ALL Social Media!


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You will be doing yourself a favor! I know it’s almost impossible to do when you’re online for your schoolwork you automatically click open some type of social media like a bad addiction. I’m here to tell you to stop! You will save yourself a good hour on your paper from limiting your distractions! I tried this today by saying to myself ‘you could be done at seven instead of eight if you don’t click open Facebook.’ Surprisingly enough that actually worked for me and I was completely done with everything by seven o’clock on the dot!

5.¬†Realizing That You Do Know What You’re Doing!


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We’ve all had this moment where we are starting our papers and all of a sudden it’s two hours later and we’re reciting that scene from Spongebob where all he has written is “The,” in some really cool font. Well guess what? That’s not going to happen to you this semester. You are going to stare at your screen, put on some Lana Del Rey and get this paper done! You’ve been doing great all year, you know that you know what you’re doing so just start typing even if it’s random thoughts, the ideas will eventually just start flowing out and it will be over in no time!

If you have finals coming up try to not to stress to much! You’ve gotten through the semester just fine and I’m sure you’ll do great on your finals! Just remember after the finals, you can treat yourself to a day of shopping and a night of drinking…if you’re of age. Do you have any tips that weren’t listed that help you relax during finals season? If so leave a comment below!

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