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How To Rock Your Personal Style

Ready to rock your wardrobe? Ready to let your personal style speak for itself? Then check out this article and let your inner style blossom with confidence!

We live in a society where we are told how we should look and how we should dress. Society tells us what’s acceptable and what’s not. Individuality was once celebrated but now being different means ‘being weird’. Your style is something personal in your life and no-one should get to dictate your style! It’s one of the few pieces of you that’s your own and you need to hold on to it!

  • Be confident:


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Confidence is one of the most important things when it comes to flaunting your style. Who cares if your outfit is out of the ordinary? If you love it, that’s really all that matters. Sometimes even wearing outlandish stuff can be one of the most freeing things ever. Not caring about stigmas, or social norms will help you not only rock your personal style but ¬†will also help you to be more confident overall. I own a pair of Batman pants that I’ve worn to school before. I got a few looks but in the end I was really happy-they were the most comfortable pants I had ever worn.

  • Make sure it reflects who you are:


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Sometimes your style can even help you connect with people. Something as small as a pendant can start a conversation. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and one day I wore a Golden Snitch necklace (Hooray for HP reference) and a lot of people came up to me to talk about Harry Potter. Sure it may have been a small thing but it reflected my personality if even only a slight amount.

  • Don’t worry if it’s simple:


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Sure this post is talking about your personal style but that doesn’t mean your personal style isn’t a tank top and skinny jeans. Everyone is different. Some persons like to make an entrance while some like keeping it simple. Others are in between. It doesn’t really matter what your style is as long as you feel comfortable in it. That’s honestly the most important thing. You don’t have to dress how you’re told to dress.

  • Take advantage of deals online and in stores:


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There are a ridiculous amount of bargains online that relate to your specific style. And even if you don’t actually find anything, you can always access DIY’s on websites like Pinterest. You don’t have to be wearing something expensive to rock it and make it your own. Be careful when buying things online especially from certain websites when the prices are a bit too low. Always read reviews and ratings before making purchases.

Now I feel like the best way to end this is with an excerpt from Superchick’s song¬†Rock What you got.

“Rock what you got
Light up the lot
No one can rock the way you rock”

Let’s see you rock your personal style! Be yourself. Love yourself.

Have anything to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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By: Abigail Bowes


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