What’s Trending: Holiday Nails!

TREND ALERT! TREND ALERT! This is not a drill! Holiday nails are totally in right now especially with Christmas approaching! Take a look at these nails for some inspiration before your next nail visit!


Photo Credit To Afv.ca

No need to climb the ladder this year to hand some Christmas lights!

holiday 4

Photo Credit To Tulsa.paulmitchell.edu

Baby it’s cold outside.

holiday 3

Photo Credit To Divinecaroline.com

Although I’m not a fan of peppermint…these nails just might change my mind.

holiday 6

Photo Credit To Fashionlaine.com

Oh Rudolf with your nose so bright, won’t be my design tonight?

holiday 7

Photo Credit To Ashleehomes.buzznet.com

How lovely to see Frosty…peeing.


Photo Credit To Fashionlaine.com

Move over Silver Bells, it’s time for a little bit of Gold to shine.


Photo Credit To Secretsofagoodgirl.com

Everyone loves candy canes around this time of the year!


Photo Credit To Babble.com

Why just have the view of a Christmas tree at your house when you can bring it with you?


Photo Credit To Today.com

How adorable? So adorable! Everything is better with a little bit of pink.


Photo Credit To Newnaildesigns.com

This nail design is actually pretty popular around Christmas time. I actually had this design last year and would absolutely get it again! It’s adorable!


Photo Credit To Thebeautyaisle.com

All of these nails pictured above are fantastic! The picture above was actually the inspiration for my nails this year! My mom decided to do a mix of themes this year, take a look!


(These nails are mine, thanks to the courtesy of Joey’s Nails in Carmel, NY)

holiday momma



holiday 2

(My mother’s nails also a courtesy of Joey’s Nails in Carmel, NY)

I hope you were able to obtain some inspiration from these nails. I know I was able to! Remember to think festive colors like the usual red, green, and even other colors such as light blue, white, gold, even a deep purple with some sparkles mixed into it calls for a great holiday color! What was your favorite holiday nail design? Do you have an interesting design that wasn’t posted on here? Leave a comment below!

Cover Photo Credit To Aliviaabbott.tumblr.com

By: Amanda Badillo


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