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The Hassles And Joys Of Christmas Eve!

Oh Christmas Eve, it has it's plus sides and down sides! Check out this list of hassles and perks on Christmas Eve!

The mad dash of last minute shopping, gift wrapping, and food shopping is finally over! Although this Christmas Eve may have felt like a never ending day of errands it was absolutely worth it! So, let’s take a look at the hassles of Christmas Eve followed by the joy that it will give us all in the long run!

Long Lines To Find That Perfect Last Minute Gift


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While I was shopping for those perfect last minute presents this year at one of my favorite go-to places in the world, Khol’s, I was bombarded by lines that led all the way to the back of the store! I could honestly be thankful that we got in line when we did being that the lines went by surprisingly quickly! I say surprisingly because anyone who has ever waited in lines at Khol’s before TRULY knows what it is like to wait!

It’s All Worth It In The End


The excitement and joy on your families and loved ones faces is absolutely worth it in the end

The Never Ending Amount Of Gift Wrapping!

Keep your gift-wrapping station well stocked, and when possible, buy supplies that will work for other holidays as well.
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Now, don’t get me wrong! This is usually my favorite part of the holidays! However, this year I went a little overboard with my gift buying and left myself with not a lot of time to actually wrap the presents. I legitimately just finished a few hours ago! What was actually quite comical about the whole thing was I could only think about how perfect each gift had to be and how it clearly wasn’t but then I remembered…nobody freaking cares! They’re just going to rip through it like it’s nothing!

Your Family And Loved Ones Had The Same Ideas As You


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Almost everyone likes the idea of wrapping presents when they first start but eventually they begin to think all of the same thoughts that you were just having. For example, why don’t I just hand the damn thing to them or throw it in a damn bag. They’re not even going to care about the wrapping anyways!

Last Minute Food Shopping And Dealing With People


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Yea…the title says it all! Sometimes dealing with people sucks especially in grocery stores where it’s absolutely packed! You have to bob and weave around the bakery aisle, make sure you’re not cutting anyone accidentally in the deli section, and squeeze down any normal sized aisle! It’s a mad house!



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You eventually get to eat it ALL! Or at least, what you can handle! Once the craziness at the store is done and the food is all cooked you get to finally sit down with family, friends, loved ones, or your dog and eat it all! It’s so¬†worth the hassle!

What is your least favorite part about last minute hassles on Christmas Eve? What are the perks? Leave a comment below!

To all of my dear readers I wish you all nothing but a very Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! I hope all of your holidays for any religion is filled with nothing but joy, laughter, and peace! Enjoy Shopaholics!

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By: The Young Shopaholic


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