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What To Do On New Year’s Eve

Stuck on what to do this New Years Eve? Check out this list of fun ideas to engage in this New Years Eve!

It’s the craziest night of the year! Yay! That means tons of champagne, food and drunk friends running around your house, or maybe not. Maybe it means fireworks, a good book or simply your old creaking bed and some classic movies!

Check out our list of What To Do On New Years Eve



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Grab your scarf and throw on your mittens. No, we are not going mountain hiking! However, we are going to the nearest square to watch the fireworks show. All of our favorite colors sprouting on the sky before our eyes and all of that accompanied by epic music and your favorite songs of the year. It’s a win-win situation! If you ask me, there’s no better place to be at midnight than the squares flocked with spirited people and a warm atmosphere…even if the temperatures themselves aren’t so warm. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find someone special to kiss at midnight.


Time To Party!


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If you feel like it, you can dance your heart out on the podium at a local pub or an underground club. You’re not invited? Who cares! It’s New Year’s and plus who wouldn’t want a party animal just like yourself? Let go of all the worries and pour your soul into the songs. Whether you’re surrounded by friends or just kicking it solo, I guarantee you’ll have a blast!

Outdoors is overrated


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Presents under the Christmas tree and a table full of everything your belly longs for can be a perfect getaway for you. You get to play whatever songs you want and let in whatever friends you like. Throwing a New Year’s party at your house is always an intriguing option that would surely lead to a crazy and unique night. You can also check out some DIY recipes and experiment with the cocktails and food for an amazing night. Maybe the morning won’t be all that pleasant, but still believe me that it would be worth it.

The next year, I will…


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Ahhh, yes. The New Year’s resolutions are a must. No matter where you are, at midnight you have to close your eyes and promise something to yourself for the next year. I will lose twenty pounds… I will stop smoking…. I will buy all of Adele’s albums… I’ll watch more Netflix…. Whatever! What’s important is to set your goals and remember the night by something. Although all of the goals might not be accomplished by the end of the next year, still the effort and motivation counts.

Your bed + movie + book + video game = PERFECTION!


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If you’re not the partying type, forget the crowds, snuggle under your blanket, turn on Netflix and watch a movie marathon  since you have plenty to choose from! Feeling like gaming out a bit? Pass that level you’ve been working so hard on, on your favorite video game. You can even find solace in the wise words of some of the best authors out there. Anything that makes you happy is allowed!

Eat, Pray, Love.


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It doesn’t necessarily mean the title of the novel by Elizabeth Gilbert or the movie with Julia Roberts. I refer to the formula for an absolute fun on the craziest night. Eat as much as you can handle, here and there pray for a better tomorrow and most importantly love unconditionally. Find someone to kiss after the countdown or talk to them until the wee hours. It doesn’t matter. Just don’t be alone. Never. Especially not on this night.

I hope this helped you out in picking something fun to do this New Year’s Eve. Now the only thing that’s left for us to do is count down. 10… 9… 8…

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By: Ivana Kitanovic


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