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Easing the Pain of Your Hangover

Do you have a terrible hangover? Are you tired of reading the same old 'curing your hangover,' myths? Then look no further! Check out our tips to cure your hangover!

It’s hard to start off those New Year’s resolutions when you’ve had a bit too much to drink. The effects of a hangover can last up to three days. Here are some tried and true ways to ease their pain.

Keep the Water Flowing


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Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration; despite how much hydrating you may be doing. Before you go to sleep after a night of drinking, down at least two glasses of water. To curb the threat of a dehydration ridden hangover, have a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage while you drink. You do lose some electrolytes, but you don’t want to have all the carbs and sugar of a sports drink on top of the alcohol you drink, so opt for a glass of coconut water in the morning to get you moving.

Get Your Morning Kick: Hangover Food


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Partying will leave you hungover, but also short on sleep and worn out. Whenever you wake up, it’s good to eat a balanced meal – think heavy with proteins and fats, with some carbs – within an hour of waking up. Your blood sugar takes a dive after a night of drinking, leaving you feeling irritable and cranky the next day. The sugars from carbs provide an immediate spike to your blood sugar, and fats and proteins keep you from crashing. You always want to replenish your body after it fasts while you sleep; but when you’re hungover, you are replacing energy you burned off partying to get you there. Also, many opt for some sort of caffeine to get them going. Try to take your caffeine as close to water form as possible, try black coffee or green tea.

DON’T Take a Bite from that ‘Hair of the Dog’ Fairy tale


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Everyone has heard now and again the old tale to take more of the ‘hair of the dog’ to cure a hangover, which means to drink more alcohol the next day. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work so well. The alcohol temporarily numbs the pain of your hangover, but you’ll likely end up feeling worse later on, and dehydrate yourself even more.

Take the Right Kind of Pain Medication

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It goes without saying that popping a pain pill can definitely take the sting off a throbbing headache. Make sure you opt for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, when you do; these include aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen NOT acetaminophen. Don’t overdo it though, your liver is already working overtime and has to metabolize these medications as well.

R and R


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Alcohol disturbs normal sleep patterns, causing less restful sleep. If you have the ability to take a day off after some hard partying, rest is the more surefire way to feel better. If you have things to do, sneak in a power nap – or multiple naps – whenever you can throughout the day. If you have the luxury to access a sauna or steam room – add that to your agenda the next day and sweat out the toxins wreaking havoc on your system.

Get Moving

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As much as it hurts, you’ll want to get up and do some sort of exercise to raise your metabolism and burn off the alcohol faster. Better yet, if you can work up a sweat you’ll speed up the process of dispelling alcoholic waste from your body. It will not be easy, but once you get through your workout you will feel a million times better. Taking the dog out for a nice walk or hike counts as well.

Bottoms up!

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By: Kyle Marisa


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