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How To Get Through The Semester

It's that time of the year again when it's time to start your Spring Semester! But, never fear, some tips are here!

If you’re still in school like me, you’re probably dreading the fact that Winter Break is almost over (if it’s already over for you, I’m so sorry, best wishes). Now it’s time to get back into school mode and try to ace all your classes. One of the most important things to me is my GPA and today I’ll share my tips that I use every semester. My strategies are always evolving. Everyone has different study styles and I’ll share my current strategies in hopes that it can help somehow.

Stay Positive:


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My first rule is to always have a positive attitude. No matter how horrible the class in or how bad the reviews of the professor are, go into each class with the mentality that you can come out of the class with an A. In the fall semester, I had a class with a professor that had horrible reviews and I was so nervous when it came to taking that class but I told myself to go into the class and work as hard as I could to get an A. At the end of the semester, I had achieved that goal. That actually ties in with my second tip. Aim for an A. Do not go into a class aiming for just a passing grade. I’ve seen many persons do that and fall short. Instead, if you aim for an A and you miss it, you can end up with an A- or a B+; you may end up disappointed but an A- looks better on your transcript than a C.

Time Management:


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It is of the utmost importance that you learn how to manage your time. I’m no stranger to procrastinating but even if you’re used to doing it and you can still hand in quality work, it’s a bad habit to have. If you manage your time correctly, you can be finished reviewing the material for a test up to a week before you have to take it. You can use that extra time to do work for another class or just go over all the material again until it sticks.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:


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None of us know everything. We’re still learning each and every day of our lives. Sometimes we struggle with things and when we do, it’s better to use the resources available than to fail. Many professors and teachers have office hours or other times you can meet with them to talk about what you do not understand. I know it is a bit daunting sometimes to talk to your professor one on one but look on it this way, you’ll have to learn to be more confident someday, why not start with the small steps? If you’re really scared of going to your professor, ask your classmates or sign up for tutoring sessions. Sometimes seeing things from a different point of view can help you understand it better.

Don’t stress just because things aren’t going your way:


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This is actually one I need to keep working on. I still have moments when I freak out because of a bad grade. It’s okay to let the frustration out but after you do, you need to take steps to correct your problem. Failed a test? Study harder for the next one. It’s probably also helpful to review the material for that test to ensure you understand it just in case you have a cumulative final exam.

Use study tools:


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Personally, I love using Study Blue to make flashcards. It’s time-consuming sometimes to make the flashcards but if you have a few people in your class that you know, each person can make flashcards based on a certain topic. To do this, if you’re using the free version you’ll want to make the flashcards on one account that everyone has access to.

At the end of the day, school will never be a walk in the park, life either for that matter, but you will always have the tools to excel. Just don’t forget to use them!

Have any other ideas for how to survive the semester? Comment below!

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By: Abigail Bowes


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