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Where To Go With Your Best Friend

Getting tired of doing the same old thing with your best friend? Check out this list of ideas for Where To Go With Your Best Friend!

With the holidays over, you surely feel a bit down and like you haven’t done anything important, wasting your time watching TV. Well, my friends, you are not alone. The start of the new semester can be just as depressing, so I prepared you a winning recipe for where to hang out with your best friend and have the time of your lives!

The Caves Of Secrets


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Don’t worry, I am not talking about going to a place from the Harry Potter books. I am talking about your place or your BFF’s home. Just ring them up and invite them over a cup of tea or hot chocolate or anything to warm you up on these cold winter days. I guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time, talking about anything and everything – from the Golden Globes to your ex’s new partner. You don’t have to pretend, I know that all of the greatest secrets and gossip talks are spilled on a couch and a heartfelt laughter.




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The big screen + popcorn + your best friend = WIN! Nothing can beat a great night at the movies, not thinking of anything and just immersing yourself in the plot and characters of the movie. You will surely find some movie that matches yours and your best friend’s taste and some actor to swoon on.


Show off your vocal cords


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Grab your best friend and off you go to the nearest karaoke party or a concert. What is better than singing along with the crowd and shout your boredom away? Singing your favorite lyrics from the top of your lungs can be quite liberating and plus it will relax you from all the stress that’s going to come through this semester. Your best friend is the perfect partner in crime in singing karaoke and setting up the atmosphere in the whole café.

Sweet drinks for sweet talks


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Speaking of cafes, there’s no better place for hanging out than a trendy café downtown that you and your squad like. With a calming music in the background, it’s peaceful, quiet and ready for some warming up and sweet talks. It’s the perfect getaway for you and your BFF to catch up on everything that happened during the holidays and to make plans for the year ahead. You can even reminisce some memories and funny events that happened there and that you will remember for the rest of your life. Friendship is forever, right? And plus a drink or two never hurt anybody.

Take On Nature


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Embrace the power of nature and embark on an adventure with your best friend. Whether you will choose the park, the mountain or the river, you cannot get it wrong. Just imagine the marvelous silver scenery, the snow under your boots, your breath turning into steam, the smell of fire and the crisp winter wind fondling your cheeks… Ah, a true miracle that makes you stand up from behind your computer and run outside.

Fun On The Stands

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A little competition may be just the thing you need. Why not buy two tickets and take your BFF on a sporting event? It doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, baseball, football or any other sport, what counts is the shouting and the fun you are surely going to have supporting your team and booing the opponents. To step up the game, you can both paint yourselves in the colors of your team and don’t forget the snacks and the drinks.

I know you already headed for the door with your friend’s number gleaming on the screen of your phone. Go and have fun while you still can. You can thank me later.

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By: Ivana Kitanovic


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