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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Having trouble keeping that New Years Resolution? Here's a few ways to stay on top of your goals for the new year!

Happy New Year Shopaholics! Now with 2016 just beginning, the cycle has started again. It’s a New Year, a chance to start over and a chance to achieve some resolutions you’ve made. If you’re like me most times you ignore your new year’s resolutions but this time, we’re going to discuss how you can achieve them instead.

  1. Make a plan


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Instead of just saying you’ll do better in school, think about how you’ll do it. Will you study more? Read over notes after each class? Manage your time more wisely? You have to know exactly what you need to do to achieve each goal.

  • Don’t make too many resolutions-


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Sure there may be a lot you want to achieve this year but they don’t all technically have to be resolutions. Instead of making a list of fifteen to twenty resolutions, try to keep the number at less than five so that it will be easier to keep up with the progress made on each one.

  • Don’t be vague when making your resolutions-


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We all have those resolutions that are really vague. Maybe you want to lose weight, work out more, find new love and the like but you have to be more specific. Want to lose weight? How many pounds are you trying to lose? Want to gain weight? The same rule applies. It becomes easier to not keep your resolutions when you don’t even fully know what it is.

  • Keep track of your goals-


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When the year just begins, it’s easy to remember what your resolutions are, but six, seven months down the road, it becomes a lot more difficult to remember. My advice is to check how far you are in completing your resolutions at the end of every two weeks or at the end of every month.

  • Tell people about your resolutions-

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Meaning friends and family mostly. It almost forces you to hold yourself to the standards you set because if you try to ignore them, other people will know as well.

  • Create a schedule-

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You’ve made a plan for how you’re going to do better in school.You’ve decided to read your notes over. Now it’s time to put that in a memo. Maybe every Saturday night at 9 pm, your alarm can go off and you can reread your material throughout the week and make sure you understand everything.

P.S- One awesome way to help keep yourself on track is to give yourself rewards after doing something that will take you a step closer towards achieving your goal. Though, you really don’t want to reward yourself with something that’s going to nullify all you have done so far! I hope you all have a fantastic year and that you achieve your resolutions! Good Luck!

Have anything else to add? We’d love to hear it! Sound off in the comments below!

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By: Abigail Bowes



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