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The Everyday Struggles Of College Life

College isn't a walk in the park, take it from our shopaholic Ivana Kitanovic!

Are you a student looking for colleges to apply to? Or are you a college veteran lost in the endless void of the college experience, seeking to relive the moments and struggles you’ve endured or still go through? In any way, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

I will help you open the window toward the sweet rose of knowledge and the thorns that inevitably accompany its blossom. So, sit back and prepare for a great laugh and even some tears.

No more home sweet home


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The arrival of the letter of acceptance means leaving some pieces of your ordinary life behind and adapting to a whole new lifestyle and plethora of places and routines (and by that I think – campus, studying, campus, campus, studying, studying, studying…). It means giving something up, whether it is your home or your eating habits and friends. It marks the time when you swap your comfortable and familiar room with a dorm and probably a roommate who is a fan of rock, playing it all the way through finals week the loudest it can be. You’re a man of your own, responsible for maintaining the dorm, doing your laundry, the dishes and all other regular chores you could rely on your parents to do before. Eating your mom’s delicious lunches is also a thing from the past and the ramen noodles or macaroni with cheese is your new everyday life. Yummy! You bet!

Money on my mind


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Going far away from home thrusts a pile of other problems on your head, as well. No more waking up after twelve at noon and chilling before the TV. No more wasting your pocket money on clothes and cinema tickets. Your new reality are so expensive textbooks that you may think they’re made of gold, tuition fees as high as Mount Everest and other student debts including school health insurance. Money begin to ride on your train of thoughts during the whole day and it can get truly overwhelming when you look at your credit card and you see it is basically drained.

All day, all night


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You see the clock. 12:00 AM. Oh, I can do this. Half an hour tops and the essay will be done. 03:00 AM. I finished the introduction! Yay! 05:00 AM. I can’t hold my head! I need a pillow. Now! 06:00 AM. Your eyes are red and swollen, but your fingertips are still typing. 08:00 AM. You’re cursing the professor and the course and the topic and your life and everything, but your essay is finished. Yup, that’s how a typical all-nighter goes for a college student. Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but college assignments and courses are the biggest slice of the cake that consume almost every free time you have between classes. The amount of workload, the books that should be read and the short deadlines can be quite a nightmare. But, hey, it’s worth it. At least if you want to earn your diploma.

Although it may look like college is all torture and dark times, there’s always a silver lining. You get a taste of what real life truly looks like and you’re prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of you. So, pack your bags, grit your teeth and embrace the opportunities only college can offer. And for all of you who already have your degree, you’re welcome for the laugh and the memories.

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By: Ivana Kitanovic


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