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How To Handle Your Online Courses

Taking online courses this semester? Are you stressing out a little bit? Well don't! Check out How To Handle Your Online Courses!

For some of us who have a crazy and hectic life, that can’t commit to going to school four days a week, most colleges, like mine, offer online courses. If you’re crazy like I am, you might have also decided that it would be a great idea to take five online classes! We’re going to have some fun this semester! Luckily for us, I have come up with a sure-fire way to get us through this last semester before Summer so listen up! This is How To Handle Your Online Courses!

  • Mini Day Planner


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I know in high school you probably thought that these things were a waist of time and if your school gave them away for free like mine did then you thought it was a waist of their money. We were so, so, wrong my friends! Colleges don’t even give these out, all we get is a handbook! Trust me when I tell you that you are going to need to go out and buy your own mini day planner. Why? It will help you keep track of all of your homework that is due on the scattered days of these classes. Trust me when I tell you that there is not one set day for these classes due dates unfortunately!

  • Clean Room = Clean Mind


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I know that this may seem like a dumb tip but it is actually very true and very much needed for online courses. During this stage of the game when it comes to online classes, it is truly all about organization starting with your room! Remember, you will still need your basic essentials for these classes for example, a folder, a notebook, a textbook, a pen etc. so you need to make sure that your workspace is neat and tidy for your work load.

  • Break Down Your Classes!


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This is where that day planner comes in handy! Evaluate each course and break down the syllabus class by class for due dates, reading assignments, you name it! Then, analyze all of their due dates and assign a certain day that you know you want to get all of your homework done with for whatever class you choose!

  • Your Teachers Are Still There


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Just because it’s an online class does not mean that you can’t email your teachers or even go down to visit them for some extra help! Your teachers haven’t left, they are just online! If you are having any trouble at all don’t be afraid to reach out!

  • Don’t Get Overwhelmed!


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Remember, worrying causes wrinkles, so don’t stress! You can never get any work done if you’re too busy freaking out over everything, especially, over anything but your main task at hand! So, if you need to, take a break! Go outside, listen to some music, call a friend, watch some TV. Do anything besides stress yourself out!

This semester, don’t stress over your online classes! Just follow these simple steps and remember to take everything one step at a time! Be organized, break down your due dates, ask for help, and if all else fails…take a walk! Relax now, panic later! You will do fine!

Leave a comment below to tell us about the classes you’re taking this semester or even some friendly advice for fellow students taking an online course.

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