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How To Make An Effective Meal Plan Without Hating Your Diet

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The biggest and most known factor in gaining weight is none other than food. Everyone needs food for the body to perform its activities every day. But if food becomes the source of our health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other related issues, then it is clearly no longer healthy. An effective meal plan will be necessary in that case so you can keep the healthy body you already have or for you to correct the unhealthy lifestyle you are used to.

An effective meal plan is one that you’ve really thought about making for every meal of every day. This does not mean that you will have to stick to tofu or half-cooked veggies every meal time, you have other choices! Planning a meal to accomplish your goal of losing weight or gaining weight can be fun and easy. It does not have to add to stress to your day because if it does, then it is no longer a healthy attempt but simply an obligation! Who likes that? It’s food!

What are your regular meals?

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the regular meals you should be maintaining every day. Though many health experts say that it is not necessarily 6AM for breakfast, 12 noon for lunch, and 6PM for dinner. Why is that? The hours set for certain meals are based simply on a regular body routine where most people fall asleep anywhere between 9PM to 10PM and wake up at 5AM. But if you work at night, it is a good practice to have meals 6 hours apart but at least 3 hours before sleeping.

Each meal does not have to be a giant meal if you plan to cut down on calories and fats. But it should not be a source of frustration either. Cutting down on calories from these regular meals does not mean you will not enjoy your food. You can still do so by thinking about why you have to cut down.


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Instead of going for the coffee mate for your coffee during breakfast, go for skimmed milk. Instead of topping your burger with cheese during lunch, top it up with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. And, instead of two slices of pizza at dinner time, go for just one slice. You still get to taste the food you want but not in large amounts, right?

What about snack time?


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Your snack time is as crucial as your regular meal time. To cut calorie intake during snack time, it is good to follow the same guidelines as with regular meals. You do not really have to skip your snack routine altogether to get a quick fix on losing weight. You simply take off little amounts from what you eat. That means you’ll still be able to enjoy your same choice food but only in smaller dosages.

Snack time is usually taken three hours after the regular meals. So, if there are three regular meal times – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – then a snack in three hours after breakfast or three hours after lunch would be nice. This does not include dinner since three hours after dinner is your rest or sleeping mode.

What did you think about these suggestions? Were they helpful? Do you think you still need a little more help? What do you think is your most difficult struggle when it comes to dieting? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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By: Jonna Lindawan


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