Valentine’s Day Shop From The Young Shopaholic!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and why not pick something up that is inexpensive yet down right adorable for your significant other? Buy your Elephant Bracelet or Hamsa Hand Bracelet from The Young Shopaholic today! Need more than just a cutesy article title and sales gimmick? Take a look for yourself!


Elephants: A Girl/Boy’s Best Friend



The colors of the Elephant bracelet range from pink, red, green, blue, clear, or black. They are definitely an adorable trend for you to either buy for yourself or your significant other with Valentine’s Day around the corner! This bracelet is only $3.00 each.

They’re Back:







Yes! The Hamsa Hand bracelets are back and they even have an additional tassel to them! Let me tell you that the colors to each of these bracelets are absolutely beautiful and they vary from pink, blue, black, dark purple, red, and orange! They’re fun, they can go with any outfit, and they definitely make a great gift and for the right price too for only $10.00 each!

If you are at all interested in buying any of these bracelets please use our Contact Us page if you have any questions or you can purchase any of these bracelets from our brand new Shop page! Once you receive your bracelet feel free to share it and tag us on Instagram @the_young_shopaholic, on Twitter @ababayy18, or even on our Facebook page The Young Shopaholic! I hope you enjoy these bracelets as much as we do! Have a happy Valentines Day!


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