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Movies to Watch With Your Loved One

Do you plan on staying in this valentines day with your significant other? Do you think you'll watch a few movies together? Well check out this list of Movies To Watch With Your Loved One!

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, it is the time of hearts! Hearts of chocolate, hearts of candy, heck even hearts of flowers. The time when your loved one should feel like the most special person in the world and shower you in a million kisses. Yes, you guessed it! It’s Valentine’s Day…almost!

If you are a hopeless romantic and just want to cuddle with your loved one on the sofa this year rather than dine in a crowded restaurant, then I have just the solution for you! Here’s a mini list of the movies that are an absolute must watch with the love of your life.




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Don’t even think about hitting the ‘play’ button without putting the Titanic CD in the player. No Valentine’s Day is complete without “My heart will go on” echoing from your house and your girlfriend crying on your shoulder. And if you are the girlfriend then make sure your sweetheart knows how much you love him and are touched by his comfort. We all know that this Oscar-winning movie is so much more than the catastrophe of the sinking of the ship. It’s the most epic story about love and sacrifice and unconditional passion making it a perfect companion for you and your loved one. And plus you get another chance to drool over Leonardo DiCaprio! Who doesn’t love that?

The Notebook


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Don’t leave the tissues aside! We are just getting started with the tearful stories. Of course love isn’t always about crying but pain is an inevitable part of it, nevertheless. That’s why you have to bring all those emotions to your house and enrich ‘the night of love’ with them. The story based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks about the two lovers who fight through all of their differences and their families to be together. This is certainly a Valentine’s Day love story at best. It stars the heartthrob Ryan Gosling and the wonderful Rachel McAdams, it is a masterpiece of a true love that lasts for years and years.



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Off we go to the romantic comedies now! Yay! It’s time to hear your loved one finally laughing and kissing you all the time. This movie simply warms the heart with the play of destiny and the way it finds a path to make the love between the main characters happen. Much like in every relationship it shows that if it’s meant to be it will happen. Isn’t that what you need to hear on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day


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What is better than to watch “Valentine’s Day” on Valentine’s Day? This rom-com studded with an all-star ensemble cast will show you that love binds everything together and it is rightfully the best feeling in the world. If you and your partner are lovers of multiple stories crammed into one with diverse characters and unbelievable twists and turns, Valentine’s Day written by Katherine Fugate, who also brought New Year’s Eve to the screen, is just for you.


Kiss and cuddle all night long and let the magical soundtracks and words full of love engulf you from the screen and touch you in the most profound way. I am absolutely, 100% sure that you are going to have a blast with your loved one this valentines day! What are your plans for Valentines day? Do you plan on staying home? Which movie do you think you will watch that night? Did we forget a movie? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to take our poll!

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By Ivana Kitanovic


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