What to Wear This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s time for that special night with your special someone. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on having a fancy night out or a fancy night in, you know you are probably going to be picking your outfit out in advance. I know I am! Here are a few suggestions on What to Wear This Valentine’s Day!

Adorable Tight Top with A Pencil Skirt.


Photo Credit To Styleinterest.com          Photo Credit To Pinterest.com

What’s sexier than a woman’s legs? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is why you are going to show off your awesome curves and your sexy legs by wearing that tight top you’ve been forgetting about all year and that tight skirt you wore for that corporate interview over a year ago!

A Tight Sexy Little Black OR Little Red Dress


Photo Credit Lylian.info  Photo Credit To Pinterest.com Photo Credit To Lulus.com


Photo Credit To Themaxidresses.com

Let’s be real for minute here, okay? Valentine’s day is the day of love…and lots of it. Wear that dress you’ve been saving to drive your boyfriend/girlfriend crazy! Keep them on their toes with fantasy and make them see what they’re with (literally). A beautiful, amazing, individual!

Jeans and An Adorable Top!


Photo Credit To Pinterest.com

I know it’s February and if you’re from New York like me…you know it’s supposed to be freezing on Valentine’s day! Guess what? Suck it up! Wear that crop top or that cute backless top and have fun with it! Make yourself feel beautiful for the night by dressing up in anyway you want to show a little skin!


Whether your significant other has purchased you jewelry or not, be sure to wear something festive!


These items can be purchase from our shop above (Shop TYS)! They are a great addition to your outfit by not being to bling-y nor tacky. They are a simple highlight that is great for any outfit idea!



Another two great pieces that can be purchased from Shop TYS above! They’re very simplistic yet fashionable and go perfectly with any look you are going for! Remember, you want to keep this night fun and sexy. Let your jewelry help you out with that.


Again, yes, this item can be purchased above at Shop TYS as well, but, this is the style you are looking for! Simplistic, young, and down right adorable for your night!


Sexy Black or Red Dress:

hqdefault (2)cda82455689274565b94de46dc08d486

Photo Credit To Youtube.com  Photo Credit To PrettyThingsProject.blogspot.com

If you are wearing your sexy black or red dress, you might want to go for something a little bit drastic. A nice dark smokey eye with a darker lip to match would definitely complete your look!

Tight Shirt and Pencil Skirt:

maxresdefault (2)

Photo Credit To Youtube.com

If you are wearing your pencil skirt and tight top, you can down play your smokey eye a little bit and soften the lip to complete your look!

Jeans and Adorable Top:


Photo Credit To Glorboonblog.com

For your denim jeans and adorable top outfit I would recommend some soft natural colors such as a nice pink or brown. You want to highlight your face to give it a natural glow while making sure you still have some sass behind your look!

Have you decided on a look yet for your Valentine’s Day night? Still unsure? Leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions for these Valentine’s Day looks!

Happy Valentine’s Day Shopaholics! Don’t forget to check out our store above Shop TYS!

By: Amanda Badillo

Cover Photo Credit To Tumblr.com


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