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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tinder

Dating profile advice from a Tinder-Warrior-Princess.

As a Tinder Warrior-Princess I am here to guide you through the harsh dating world of our beloved app. I have witnessed the horrors of ‘profile pictures,’ the awkward flirting, and even the start of perpetual stalking. Here are the do’s and don’ts of Tinder. Follow them to a T, and you may find someone to bring home to mom and dad. Or even just to your roommates.

Remember, we are in a judgement free-zone ladies and gentleman.


1. Selfies:


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Leave the Duck faces at home, ladies. It isn’t sexy and it isn’t funny…anymore! You are a book being judged by its cover when it comes to the Tinder world. Choose a flattering picture that your grandma would approve of. However, a little cleavage never hurt anyone, well…that I know of.

2. Sparks Fly:


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You have very little room to describe yourself on Tinder. What is most important to you? Dog lover? Plus. Cat Lover? Even Bigger Plus. What are your hobbies? You are a super-mega-foxy wonderful woman. Show yourself off! Have no idea? Ask your friends. Hopefully they will be honest with you and tell you how freaking awesome you are!

3. Be Open:


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Now, I want you to look at yourself and say these words: I Am Worth It. REPEAT IT! YOU are a catch! You’re beautiful, hilarious, intelligent and you have SO much to offer! Any man or woman is going to be so incredibly lucky to be matched with you on Tinder.

4. Go For It:


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Don’t wait for them to start the conversation. Just DO IT! What’s the worst that can happen? So what if they don’t like you back. More times than not, it is totally sexy for you to take a hold of the situation. You rock that conversation, girl. Why waste the time waiting?


1. Group Shots:


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When I’m browsing on Tinder, there is nothing worse than a group shot. I sit there with my friends, making a drinking game out of guessing which one the guy is. And 9/10, I’m going to guess you’re the short, ugly one of the group. Sorry, not sorry.

2. Please do NOT STALK ME…SOS!


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True story. DO NOT, for the love of GOD, tell me you found me on Tinder when you creepily message me on Facebook, Snap Chat and Twitter. I have no idea how you found me but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be running away from you as quickly as possible. It isn’t sweet, and I am 200% creeped out now, thanks.

3. Selfies:


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Yes, there is such thing as too many. If every one of your pictures is of yourself, I am probably going to think you’re a narcissist. Just don’t do it. I’d much rather see that you have friends, a family and maybe even a cute little puppy. Also, please don’t have other girls in your pictures. I will be wondering if it’s your girlfriend, 100% of the time.



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Oh, I saved this beauty for last because it is SUPER IMPORTANT. Do not, I repeat; DO NOT USE CREEPY PICK UP LINES. This will not make you stand out in a good way. If one more boy asks me what my ‘favorite position’ is, I am going to lose it. Just don’t do it boys and girls. Sometimes a simple: hello, I like your face, will do. It will take you a long way. I promise.

So there you have it, straight from the Tinder Warrior-Princess herself! Are you guilty of any of these don’ts? Do you think you’ll use your Tinder a little differently? Leave a comment below with some of your experiences. Also don’t forget to Shop TYS!

By: Madison Erika

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