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Where to Go on Valentine’s Day

Unsure of where to go this Valentine's Day? Leave it up to us, your love guru's!

You’ve bought the flowers, the present and the chocolate! Now you just have to put your best clothes on and fix your hair, but, something’s missing. Ah… You need a place to go to with your loved one and have the wildest Valentine’s Day night ever.

You are lucky! Here is a list of the best places you could go to and make some memories that would last forever.


Your Favorite Cafe/Restaurant


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Everyone has a small spot they visit with their special someone. There’s that table at the corner of the cafe that holds your dearest conversations and moments. I know I got you there. Those moments are worth reliving, so book the table in time and embark on a romantic date night at the café that’s only your own. Your loved one would be ecstatic and thrilled to see that you thought of them and that you know what they like. Just don’t forget the bottle of champagne and the ring. Not that I’m rushing you or anything, but you have to admit the moment couldn’t be better.


Your house


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Let’s stick with the tradition here. There isn’t a warmer place to express your love than the sofa in your living room and a romantic comedy or a drama movie in the DVD player… or Netflix! The private cozy atmosphere will save you from the crowds and the noise which, I’m speaking the facts here, will be plenty on this special day. If you want to spend the day of love more intimately, believe me this is probably the best option there is. You can actually try out your cooking skills or just google some nice recipes for a wonderful touch to the whole romance. If nothing else, that’ll certainly wow your partner. Especially if the food is good!


A romantic getaway


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What can be better than travelling on Valentine’s Day and escaping the dull daily routine of the place you live in! Seriously, planning a romantic getaway for you and your partner brings excitement and joy like you’ve never felt before. For instance, let it be something romantic and picturesque like Paris, London, Venice or Florence, tropical like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Greece or Croatia, adventurous as Brazil, Egypt and Thailand. Let your imagination roam and find the place that’s both special for you and your loved one and one that would present you with unforgettable memories.


The one special place


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If none of the above is really the one option for your Valentine’s Day, I give you the ace up the sleeve. A special place for you and your other half. Think hard, think about somewhere you experienced a highlight of your relationship. It can be the place you first met, the spot where you shared your first kiss, where you decided to be a couple or simply some other memory you hold dear. You can glorify the date with a bottle of red wine, a meal prepared by you and your song playing in the background. Voila! The perfect formula for showing your devotion and affection!

No matter where you decide to spend the best night of the year, Valentine’s Day is a remarkable day that in its essence is a holiday to spend with your partner. Don’t overthink too much about it and stress out. Just go with your gut feeling and what you think will make you both enjoy the time together. Sadly we have to part here, so here’s a nice little poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue, love each other and happiness will find you.”

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Ivana Kitanovic


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