Shop TYS

Hello Shopaholics! This is just a quick reminder post for all of you awesome readers to check out a few of the new items we just added to our store Shop TYS!

We have added a few more accessories as well as Sorority Bracelets that can be custom made for any sorority! If you do not see your sorority on our site but still want a bracelet just write to us using our ‘Contact Us’ page and submit your query!

We will be expanding soon enough with more products such as clothes and phone cases.

Don’t forget to spread the word around! When you purchase from us use #ShopTYS to featured on our pages!

Thank you all so much for sticking with us!



Author: Amanda Badillo

I'm a certified Shop-a-holic who loves writing, makeup, clothes, shoes, and making others laugh. I'm very bubbly, witty, and best of all honest. In my spare time I love wasting my days away on the beach reading Edgar Allan Poe and fashion magazines!

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