10 Struggles People Who Love To Shop Go Through

Shopping is definitely number one on my Top Five list of things that I love to do! In fact, it even beats out sleeping… When it comes to shopping I typically go through different stages and struggles that are eventually wiped out with the ding of a register. If you are like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced these 10 Struggles People Who Love To Shop Go Through!

  1. The SALE sign immediately catches your eye


Gif Credit To Graziadaily.co.za

2. You find the shirt you want in your size…and it’s the last one so you think it’s fate!


Gif Credit To Perezhilton.com

3. You try to talk yourself out of it by convincing yourself you have something like it at home.


Gif Credit To Tumblr.com

4. You have to force yourself to walk away from the shirt leaving it unattended.


Gif Credit To Tradisaurusrex.tumblr.com

5. You walk around the store looking for something cheaper, like sunglasses, or that two for ten rack, while still ‘eyeing’ the other shirt.


Gif Credit To Gifrific.com

6. You try to do the thing. You start to walk out of the store completely to save your money.


Gif Credit To Why.ryerson.ca

7. Upon leaving, you see someone begin to pick up ‘your’ shirt and then it’s game on.


Gif Credit To Blogspot.com

8. Game on.  You immediately fall into a shopping frenzy and pick up ten other items that you didn’t even want.

giphy (1).gif

Gif Credit To Giphy.com

9. You proudly hand over all of your money to the sales clerk.635578350803288920-1890949619_anigif_optimized-11318-1420123297-6.gif

Gif Credit To Theodysseyonline.com

10. You regret everything and your top doesn’t even fit.


Gif Credit To Theodysseyonline.com

Has this ever happened to you? Do you go through the same experiences? Leave a comment below and share this article if you agree! Don’t forget to check out our shop Shop TYS!

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By: Amanda Badillo


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