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Why Dating is Quite a Challenge to Professionals

Professionals face almost the same challenges every day of their lives either as a highly positioned manager of a company or owner of their own businesses/trades. Their first and foremost challenge is on making time for themselves – they usually have no time to hang out with new people to meet new faces. Their busy schedules almost make it impossible for them to find a date or a life partner. This is one big challenge of dating for professionals that could probably have few solutions but at least there are solutions.

The number one solution to the dating challenge for professionals like doctors, engineers, and lawyers among others is to find someone they work with whom they may feel attracted to. But chances are they usually do not find their fellow doctors, engineers, or lawyers attractive enough. Some may be lucky enough to have an attractive secretary who is single and willing to date.

Despite the odds, there have been good and strong relationships between professionals inside the workplace who later ended up getting married despite their unlikely work schedules and busy lives. In other words, there is hope for every other professional being out there looking to find himself or herself a date or life partner.

Some factors that affect dating for professionals

The challenge of dating for these professionals may sometimes be because of the lack of time. We hear non-professionals complain about their spouses or partners not having enough time for them so what more with busy professionals? But one who is persistent will always find a way, don’t you think?

Some professionals would actually pay for matchmaking services just to get a date. But this does not have to be the case for every other professional out there!

If you are one of these people, you have another option than go to a matchmaker or a dating service site and that is to REALLY COMMIT A TIME. The venue does not have to be somewhere exotic and expensive. It could actually be somewhere near the workplace. This way, if you have to run, you do not have to rush your date. If it was possible for many professionals to get a date or even a husband or wife, it is possible for every professional – no exceptions. The only difference would be on how committed a person is to pursuing this relationship goal.

What prospect dates hate about professionals

Professionals may have been perceived by ordinary people as too harsh, too cold, too busy, or even too elegant to actually notice people lower than them. Although these are true in some instances, professionals who are looking for love more than just a date often do not have these not-too-good personalities.

Some seriously take a professional’s way of life as threatening to a relationship so they don’t bother dating professionals. But not all people think alike. There are those who are excited to meeting and dating a professional.

Professionals are thought of as people who lack fashion, unless they are professionals in the fashion industry. This notion is borne out of the fact that professionals live most of their lives dressed in suits or overalls. Although this is not true of everyone, it has become a stereotypical way of describing professionals.

So what now?

Are you dating a professional? How do you perceive your relationship now? How do you perceive your relationship in a few years? What was your thought before getting into a relationship with that professional?

If you are a professional looking for a serious date, I would suggest you start acting like a real human being rather than be all about work, office, or business. But that doesn’t mean you act that way simply to achieve your goal. Think about it this way, what are you or who are you after your profession has been taken away from you? I’m sure this question will help you be true to yourself and to the people around you and finally get you a real date.

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By: Jonna Lindawan


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