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Tips to Make the Gym Less Painful

Struggling to get back into the swing of going to the gym? Check out Tips to Make the Gym Less Painful by Madison Messina!

So, Winter has been great right? Not in the sense that I’ve been freezing cold, losing feeling in my fingers; but I have been enjoying hiding my body beneath layers and layers of big comfy sweaters! With the cold winter months ending and spring peeking its head around the corner, I’ve come to the sudden realization: Oh god. It is almost Bikini season!
I’ve been meaning to go to the gym. I really, really have. My motivation board is looking quite pathetic at the moment. The gold stars I give myself (don’t judge) are incredibly sparse. So…I come before you today with Tips to Make the Gym Less Painful. All together now!



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This isn’t just a tip for the gym. New clothes always make me feel fantastic. When I show up to the gym in my brand new Victoria’s Secret PINK Yoga pants, there’s no stopping me! By buying new clothes for the gym, it will give you a purpose for going. You obviously don’t want your purchase to go to waste! Plus, there are some super cute workout tanks out there that we all need. Also, you never know when a cute guy will be checking you out as you get your sweat on!


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There is nothing like sitting down and making an awesome playlist. You know what gets your heart racing. Jam that Rihanna, Jog to Beyonce, and rock out those abs to Drake! There are so many great songs out there to get you motivated. If you can’t think of any, you can always google great gym playlists! I’m personally a classic rock girl. QUEEN ALL DAY!
TIP #3: Drag a Friend!


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Not like, literally. That isn’t part of the workout. If you have someone to go with, and someone that you have to rely on, you are more than likely to go to the gym! Plus, having a gym partner will push you to your limits. Everyone likes a little friendly competition. By bringing your friend, you will have someone to cheer you on and get you to achieve your goals!
Tip #4: Shoot for the Stars!


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If you do want to set goals, make them realistic. Be aware of what is healthy for your body type and height. Make sure you set small goals to get to your big goal. Say you want to lose 10 lbs? Set your sights on half a pound to a pound a week. That way you are losing weight in a healthy manner.
This is also so incredibly important to remember. DO NOT lose weight, or do anything because someone else told you so. If you want to lose weight, do it because you want to feel healthier and be happier. NEVER EVER do something because it is what society said is ‘beautiful.’ You already are incredibly beautiful in your own way.


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By: Madison Erika


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