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How to Stay Motivated Even When Times Get Tough

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Staying motivated can be our first priority when starting out a business, working on a school project, or even taking on a new role in the workplace. Without motivation as a priority, we will be unable to perform. But no matter how motivated we are, we often end up demotivated, making us very unproductive. If we stay that way, we could lose our jobs, fail in school, or close our business.

So, how do we stay motivated when the feeling of demotivation sets in? Here are some of my personal tips:

1. Understand why you are feeling demotivated.


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You cannot solve a problem that you know nothing of. You don’t have to go through all the scientific methods of analyzing and hypothesizing the causes of your demotivation. You understand what demotivates you by simply being honest to yourself. Let me explain this further.

When you are honest to yourself, you do not put blame on someone else. You go to school or to work late? Admit that you’ve overslept. Of course that would not be an excusable reason so many folks would choose to lie about what made them late to work/school.

Conflicts can be one source of demotivation. If you can admit to yourself that you are just too egoistic to let the colleague who is in the wrong side win, then you’ll find yourself in your path to being motivated to work again. It takes humility despite adversity to make the odds work on your side. The result may not be instant, but be assured it will come!

2. Do something about that feeling.


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It is not enough that you know why you are feeling demotivated. You have to do something about it. A lot of people are very good at admitting faults or being honest to how they really feel, but so few really do something more than just admit and be honest to themselves. Sometimes, admitting a fault can simply be a cover up, something I’d like to call a “pseudo-humility”.

Why is this a cover up? When you admit something to yourself, or admit it to someone else – say, you admitted that you are unproductive at work because you do not have the right training – the usual result is you get praised for it, right? And it feels good to be praised! But if you do something about it – say, you go for training or read some self-help books in the area you’re struggling with – then you deserve the praise. It shows that you are not only after the praise of people but that you are aware of your reasons for demotivation and you wanted to make it right and stay motivated.

3. Focus on the big goal by focusing on your smaller goals.


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Now that you know what demotivates you and you know what to do to get back that motivation, you need to stay motivated. You do that by focusing on the big picture – the very reason why you got that job, or enrolled that course, or started up that business. But remember that focusing too much on the bigger picture can be overwhelming. So what do you do?

Start by planning. Create smaller goals that will help you get to the bigger goal. By doing this, you do not only keep yourself motivated but you also have new things to do every time. Smaller goals will help you achieve more. They help you see where you’re at in reaching the ultimate goal you’ve set for yourself, your study, your work, or your business.

4. Take time to celebrate.


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Give yourself a break each time you achieve one of your smaller goals. I don’t recommend overspending. Your celebration can be as simple as a special dinner with the family and you announcing your achievement of that certain milestone you’ve set. Of course, we celebrate differently. But make your reward to yourself inexpensive but memorable. You do not want to celebrate a small thing in a big way, especially when you’re not halfway through to your biggest goal.

Do you have tips of your own that worked well? We’d love for you to share them! Leave a comment below! Also, don’t forget to check out our store above under Shop TYS or go to our direct site here!

By: Jonna Lindawan

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