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Don’t Let Stress, Stress You Out!

Feeling stressed out? Well we're here to tell you, don't let stress, stress you out any longer!

We live surrounded by stress. The sound of the alarm clock in the morning, the endless honking in the line of cars, running to get to work on time, working a busy schedule with the boss yelling over your head to finish your work faster, relationships, family, kids…the list goes on. There are millions of stressful situations we fall into every day and that takes its toll on our mind. We become nervous, irritated and we wind up turning on the closest people in our lives.

Okay, I think it’s time for that to stop! Don’t let stress, stress you out anymore and follow these points to reduce it.


Take Nature’s Course


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That’s right. Put your running suit on, tie the laces of your trainers and off you go into nature. There’s not a better way to relax and free yourself from stress than a walk in the park or a hike up the nearest mountain. Just imagine… Birds chirping in the trees, the rustling of the leaves engulfing you and the fresh breeze fondling your skin. Ah, real paradise. Plus, not to mention that the walk will surely chase away your anxiety and liberate your thoughts. So why don’t you give it a try?




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If you’re scared of bees or nature is simply not your thing, you can get rid of stress indoors too. How? It’s simple. Meditation. Let light in your room through the windows and begin. All you have to do is sit up straight with both feet on the floor and close your eyes. A little humming will do the trick for calming down before you start reciting motivational words such as ‘I am at peace’, ‘I love myself’, ‘I love the world’ and so on.

You may not believe it but meditation will make your thoughts float away and in no time you won’t even remember what stressed you out, to begin with.


Reach Out To Friends


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“Honey shall we grab a cup of coffee and gossip a bit?” Send a text or call your BFF and there you have it. The perfect liberation of stress. Drive downtown or simply visit a cafe the both of you love and catch up on everything with a hot drink on the table. Believe me, it doesn’t hurt to open up a bit here and there and express your opinions on the things around you. Remember if you share the problem, it will go away a little easier than keeping it bottled up inside. The same goes for stress.


Listen To Music


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Music is the cure for everything so why not try it in the battle against stress, too? Pick a playlist of your favorite artist and play the songs in your earbuds the whole day. You’ll see how the lyrics do their magic and in no time your mind will focus on stuff other than the stress that is bugging you. A little dancing and singing and the stress is gone.


Stress what? All of these tips are the recipe to victory that will make you forget that your stress even existed in the first place. Don’t let it bother you and do everything you can to chase it away from you. However, there is so so much more you can do. Only have in mind that if you do what you enjoy doing nothing can come in your way and stress you out. You go, my friend, and tell us how you defeated stress in the comments.

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By: Ivana Kitanovic



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