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Where to Go this Spring Break

Can you believe it? No school for a whole week. No angry teachers, no assignments as hard as rocket science, no long and tiring lessons. You’re free. Free to enjoy life and forget about all of your school struggles at least for a week. Awesome, right?

Just don’t tell me that you’re planning to stay in your room while the sun is shining outside and stare at the screen all day. No, my friend. That’s exactly the opposite of what I have in store for you. Are you ready to have the spring break of your dreams? Then buckle up and let the journey begin!


Heading Home For The Weekend


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What’s more exciting than a peaceful mini-holiday at your house for the weekend. All day in the yard, lying on the grass or going on a walk around the hood and meeting up with neighbors. Then at night, sitting before the crackling fire, eating munch mallows and laughing your head off at the jokes your family or friends would make. Ah yes. Family and friends. Take as many people closest to your heart with you. Remember, a trip is not a trip without the special someones in your life to make you happy.


By the Water


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Open the map and mark all the blue places on it. Then pack your bags and choose one to go to. It could be a lake near you or a beach by the sea, the ocean or simply a river with nice picnic spots on the bank. No matter what you choose, a trip by the water is a perfect spring break getaway. The stillness of the blue surface will give you the needed peace and rest from all the school buzz leaving your mind relaxed.

If you have a friend who’s good at fishing, it could be a great idea to take them too and embark on a unique adventure of catching as much fish as you can. Sounds fun, right?




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Goggles around your neck and a small suitcase is all you need for an unforgettable journey. Pick a city that’s very popular for tourists and become one yourself. Walk among the stones of some historical objects depicting long gone places and nations and dive into the past. Who said that you couldn’t learn anything during the spring break and at the same time enjoy yourself? Besides the historical, you can go to a modern city like New York or Las Vegas or Chicago and completely dedicate yourself to shopping, clubs, and parties. Either way you’ll end up having the best spring break ever.

Also it would be interesting if you wrote down details of the places you visit as a memory of the magical week you’ve spent there.


On the Mountains


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Leave no place unexplored and go to the nearest mountain for a good hike. Walking among the trees will help you clear your thoughts and regain your energy for another stressful part of the semester. There are mountain houses that you can stay in and get away from everyone for a while. I mean, like Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sang, ain’t no mountain high enough, right?

Your spring break can’t get more relaxing than this. Visit some, if not all, of these places during the week and create timeless memories that will stick with you forever. Have the best spring break and tell us how it went in the comments! Check back soon for some awesome new additions to The Young Shopaholic and Shop TYS!

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By: Ivana Kitanovic


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