Sorority Bracelets and More!

Hey my awesome readers!

I just wanted to write this quick post announcing a few things that we have coming in soon! For starters, I wanted to tell you all about another part of our store that we are in the process of rebuilding! Being that I have a lot of friends who are apart of sororites as well as a lot of sorority readers, I have decided to add a little something to our store: customized sorority bracelets.

All of the bracelets are hand made beaded bracelets! Our store can customize each bracelet to have your sorority colors, a charm of your choosing (i.e. big, lil, big sis, lil sis), or your sorority’s greek letters! Our bracelets are anywhere between $12-$15 per bracelet depending on design. We are also taking bulk orders for these bracelets as well! If you would like more information or if you would like to pre-order please email us at or use our contact form on our blog/shop section.

Next, I wanted to remind everyone about the giveaway I have going on! Shop TYS is having a fun little giveaway for all of our followers! It is a chance to win either 3 Hamsa Hand Bracelets or 3 Elephant bracelets of your choosing PLUS a surprise bonus gift! What are the rules?

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Check out our website
  3. Tag at least 3 friends on our giveaway post, enter daily!

The giveaway submissions ends July 8th, 2016!

We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!




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