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OOTW: Outfit Of The Week!

Check out my favorite Outfit of The Week so far!

Hello beautiful readers, as we all know, I am one who adores the season that is Fall.  However, I do not love it because of everything pumpkin, nor apple picking, nor cuddling on a cool Fall night. Nope, I love Fall because of the change is Fashion! I am nothing but a simple girl with a strong urge to shop so I thought I would get a head start on my Fall Haul and show you guys my favorite Outfit Of The week thus far!


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Recently I ordered this INSANELY cute sweater from Charlotte Russe that I am in LOVE with! It’s super cozy, has that ‘cold shoulder’ affect to it, and it is nicely tapered to shape the body perfectly! Like any stitch sweater it’s bound to get some pulls so stay away from jumping dogs and hair brushes…


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Next I’ve paired this sweater up with a pair of leggings because what’s Fall without a pair of basic leggings? To me, you can really wear leggings with anything, unless, you know, they’re multi-colored. Basic black leggings to me create that long leg look especially when you pair those ‘long legs’ with tall black boots. That is the perfect Fall matchup.


Last but certainly not least I recently received a pair of sunglasses from this website called Cheap Ass Sunglasses! I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I received the glasses in the mail but for the price, they are not half bad! They are honestly super cute, very Bohemian Chic (at least the pair I ordered) and you know what? For $10.00 US they’re good to have in a pinch! They actually work with a wholesale sunglasses distributor who clearly have great taste in sunglasses called Solo-Solis! Are you looking for wholesale sunglasses? Visit the website and you can order, even if it is a small amount!  So, Cheap Ass Sunglasses, you got my vote! Definitely take a look at both websites! Solo-Solis to see where they get their products from and Cheap Ass Sunglasses if you want to buy them! I will link the ones I received down below just incase you’re interested!

Blue Magic Sunglasses

Cold Shoulder Sweater

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and just for some fun here are some selfies of the outfit! I hope to see you guys next week with a new article!



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