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Outfit Of The Week: Street Chic!

Check out my favorite outfit of the week to date!

Forever 21 has officially become my favorite place to shop from! Lately I have been hitting the lottery with all of their clothing selections and styles! This weeks outfit has definitely become one of my favorites for this Fall season! Take a look below!

Just like this article, I have started this outfit out completely simple; I wore a long sleeve black shirt and a pair of skinny jeans without any rips or tears. I know, I know, since when do I wear jeans without any rips in them? Since I realized this outfit needed a nice and easy base before the fun colors could come into play!

My favorite outfit topper to this piece in my brand new plaid poncho that paired up beautifully with this look! Everything about this poncho SCREAMS Fall, Winter and especially my favorite term, ‘Street Chic’! This poncho matches beautifully with any top that is black, white, nude, or in the red family.

Finally, I matched everything up with my tall black boots that I purchased from Charlotte Russe last year! The boots added that extra needed flair to this already adorable outfit!


Round Sunglasses from Cheap Ass Sunglasses (really any type of sunglasses will do the trick)!

My birthstone necklace; I’m so sorry I have no clue where it’s from, it was a gift from my boyfriend but really any dainty necklace will do!


I’m sorry I’m sitting the whole time! My car has the best lighting! 

Plaid Poncho

Plain Jeans – Any jeans will do! I just LOVE the refuge brand at Charlotte Russe, I find them to be very true to size!

Black Long Sleeve – Any long sleeve black shirt will work!

Blue Magic Sunglasses

Tall Black Boots – Unfortunately these are not the boots that I am wearing (not that you can see them) but any black boots will do!

By: The Young Shopaholic


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