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8 Makeup Brands That Almost Everyone Has Used In Their Lifetime!

Check out 8 Makeup Brands That Almost Everyone Has Used In Their Lifetime!

It can be really overwhelming when you start getting into makeup to realize just how many makeup brands are currently out there. It is hard to know what is and what isn’t worth spending your money on. You can either try to learn for yourself what makeup brands are ‘trustworthy,’ or you can follow this quick handy list that will tell you a little bit about 8 very well known makeup brands that almost everyone has used in their lifetime!

               MAC Cosmetics


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            This is probably the most commonly used and talked about makeup brand. Women have been using MAC Cosmetics for years and many have used the products since they were in their teens. The brand was actually founded in 1984 by a beauty salon owner named Frank Angelo and a photographer named Frank Toscan. They started out creating makeup in their kitchen and quickly expanded into much more! Nowadays, beauty bloggers and makeup gurus on YouTube rave about their products. Some of the brand’s most popular products are the Paint Pots, Fix Plus, the foundations and concealers, and the lipsticks!


Nars Cosmetics


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            Another cult favorite is Nars cosmetics. The high quality is what sets this brand at such a high standard with consumers. That being said, they do charge a pretty penny for their products so if you are someone who doesn’t like spending a lot on makeup you probably won’t like this brand. However, for the people who don’t mind spending a little more this is a great option. A couple products that are very popular are the Audacious lipstick line, the Radiant Creamy concealers, the bronzer in Laguna, and the blush in Orgasm which is probably the most well-known of them all!


Urban Decay


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            This edgy, alternative makeup brand has been taking over the scene for the last twenty years with their bold colors and shocking pigmentation. Raved about by beauty bloggers and gurus, nearly every release from this brand is a huge hit with makeup junkies everywhere. This is a luxury brand which means that it does cost more than a brand from the drugstore. Some of the most popular of Urban Decay’s products are the Naked palettes, the Primer Potion, the All-Nighter setting spray, and the Naked Skin foundation and concealer.




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            This is one of the more affordable options on the list so far. This is one of the most popular brands from the drugstore and the quality of the makeup is very good for the price. This brand may also be easier to find depending where you live because it is sold at many drugstores. Along with cosmetics, they also have skincare lines and those are also very popular. The True Match foundation, the Infallible Pro-Matte and Pro-Glow foundations, the Lumi Foundations, the Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black, and the Infallible eyeshadows are among the most popular products for the brand.




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            The adorable packaging catches your eye and the quality of the products keeps you coming back for more. Benefit popped into the scene in 1976 and has remained very popular over the years. The quality of their products is unwavering and the customer always seems to be satisfied. There is a lot of hype surrounding Benefit and it is well-deserved attention. Their most popular products include the Hula bronzer, They’re Real mascara, the Porefessional primer, and their Benetints. This is just to name a few seeing as their products are well-loved all around!




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            Another drugstore brand that gets a lot of love from makeup lovers everywhere. Their concealer, the Fit-Me concealer, has even been compared to the Nars Radiant concealer by beauty gurus. The brand’s slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” is a very well-known and often quoted jingle. Their quality is very good for the price and they continue to come out with amazing new releases very frequently. Some of the most raved about products are the Line Stiletto mascara, Baby Lips lip balm, and the Fit-Me foundation, concealer, and powder.




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            This brand is more-so known for their amazing skincare rather than cosmetic products and that sometimes overshadows their awesome makeup. They always have incredible quality and a lot of women swear by this brand for all their cosmetic needs. It is one of the pricier brands but the popular opinion is that it is worth the extra pennies. Some really popular products from Clinique include the Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, the Chubby Sticks, the Almost Lipsticks, and the Lash Doubling mascara.


Too Faced


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            Making a splash with the Chocolate Bar palette, this brand has taken over beauty blogs and YouTube videos everywhere. It is a very well-known brand characterized by their yummy-scented makeup products. The marketing done by this brand is brilliant including bronzers and eyeshadow palettes that smell like chocolate or peaches and mascaras with sex in their names. Some of the products that have people in a craze include the famous Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach palette, the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and the Better Than Sex mascara,

These are just a few of the incredible makeup brands out on the ever-expanding market of cosmetics. This list should get you started in the world of makeup and from there you can explore and discover what you like and what works for you! Makeup is completely dependent on each individual’s personal needs and wants so it’s up to you to find out what yours are! Have you ever used any of the cosmetics listed? Do you want to? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

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By: Virginia Aos



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